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Kimberly Tenner
September 5, 2015

Burn Xtreme Review

Burn Xtreme

Burn Xtreme ingredients include Caffeine, 1,3 Dimethylamylamine HCL, Synephrine, B-phenylethylamine HCL, Evodiamine, Guggulsterones, 3,4,5-trihoxy-trans-stilbene resveratrol, 1E,6E-1,7-bis-(4-hydroxy-3-methoxyphenyl)hepta-1,6-diene-3,5-dione, Quercitin, Epigallocatechin-3-gallate(EGCG), Irvingia Gabonensis, and Banaba extract.

Comprised of some of the best herbal fat burners, Burn Xtreme first focuses on synephrine, a new age ephedrine alternative. Synephrine is considered to be the most powerful fat burner that is still legal! And it only requires 250mg!

Second, they utilize phenylethylamine, a natural appetite suppressant that has been compared to prescription Phentermine without the prescription side effects. Phenylethylamine has also been nicknamed the “love drug”, providing powerful mood lifting benefits.

The Strongest Ingredient…..

But while all of these ingredients rise above the norm, there is more effective than all of the other ingredients combined. Irvingia Gabonensis is a stimulant free cousin of the common Mango. Found exclusively in Western Africa, Irvingia Gabonensis has been extensively studied over the past 20 years! It continues to demonstrate powerful thermogenic fat burning results while simultaneously suppressing appetite and increasing energy levels. Irvingia Gabonensis does not cause side effects. But it has been credited as the only ingredient clinically proven to control leptin, a hormone blamed for weight rebound and American obesity.

What’s So Bad About A Free Trial Offer?

The one thing that creates question in our mind is their use of a “free trial offer.” They give you 14 days to try their product, starting the day you order. Shipping typically takes about 7 days, after which you have 7 days left. What happens after that?

In their own words…..” By clicking on the “place order – free trial” button for a particular Product on the Website, you agree to these terms and conditions. You will receive a free 14-day supply of the particular Product (“Trial Product”). You pay only shipping and handling on the day you place your order (to be charged to the credit card you authorize). You have no obligation to buy anything in the future provided that you call to cancel within 18 days after the date you place your order (this allows for shipping and processing in addition to the 14-day trial period)……At the end of the 14-day trial period and approximately every 30 days thereafter, we will send you a one month supply of the Trial Product for the monthly discounted rate of $69.99 plus $10.00 for shipping and handling to be automatically charged (at the time the product ships) to the credit card you provide with your initial free trial order.”

Overall Impression of Burn Xtreme

Burn Xtreme is a good product. It has the right ingredients, and it has potential that others don’t often match. They have effective ingredients, burning fat and achieving other benefits and even health. But Burn Xtreme uses a “free trial offer” to trick you into an $80 auto ship. That’s a rip off!

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