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Kimberly Tenner
August 31, 2015

PES Alpha-T2 Review

PES Alpha-T2

With promises of targeted and whole body fat loss, PES Alpha-T2 uses just 3 ingredients, which it claims can literally give you the whole weight loss package that you need to actually get the benefits you’ve been dreaming of. PES Alpha-T2 promises specific and clinically proven ingredients moreover found in the clinically proven amounts for weight loss without the caffeine crash. PES Alpha-T2 is completely stimulant free.

Does PES Alpha-T2 Have a Powerful & Clinically Proven Weight Loss Blend?

PES Alpha-T2 uses ingredients that have been through clinical tests, but not as weight loss ingredients. These ingredients have been tested as health supplements, antioxidants, and even a natural thyroid ingredient that is supposedly rich in a component called iodine. However, the ingredients in PES Alpha-T2 have never actually been tested as fat burners or weight loss ingredients in general.

There have been rumors that ingredients like yohimbine might help you to burn more fat, but so far the studies are far from that kind of proof. So far, the only studies on yohimbine show that it might improve male sexual performance, it has nothing to do with fat burning and researchers are not even sure that it’s safe for women.

Is PES Alpha-T2 Safe?

PES Alpha-T2 uses ingredients that are completely stimulant-free, which means that it most likely will not cause the jitters or other common problems associated specifically with caffeine. The problem is that those are not the only possible side effects. There are some caffeine free ingredients that can cause some serious problems.

For example, the yohimbine in PES Alpha-T2 has never been tested for its safety specifically in female dieters. Its biggest problem though is the fact that some researchers have suggested that yohimbine might actually contribute to problems with side effects such as heart attacks, strokes, and kidney or liver damage.

We believe that there are some who are more prone to these problems, specifically those with preexisting conditions in those areas. The problem is that there is no established way to tell for sure.

Is PES Alpha-T2 Fit for Dieters?

PES Alpha-T2 does not use clinically proven weight loss ingredients, and based on the research so far, we do not think that PES Alpha-T2 has clinically proven weight loss benefits. Of course, future studies could prove differently, and it is completely possible that we are missing something important.

So far though, all of our research shows that the blend found in PES Alpha-T2 probably will not promote weight loss, and especially if you have certain medical conditions, it may be a good idea to consult with your doctor to make sure that it is safe for you.

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