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Kimberly Tenner
November 29, 2019

3 Ways To Lose Weight And Keep It Off

As much as we hate to admit it, all the research proves it—your weight is directly related to your lifestyle. Now, we don’t mean that everyone who eats unhealthily is fat; there are plenty of lucky people who defy that general wisdom. Nor do we mean that all people who watch what they eat and try to exercise when they can are going to have ideal bodies, because we know that just isn’t true.

What we do mean is that you will only see a change in your weight if you see a change in your lifestyle. And we mean a permanent change. So often we hear of people who lose weight because they started riding their bike to work and watching what they ate, but as soon as they start to see results they’re happy with, they go right back to their old ways and are shocked when the weight starts piling right back on.

These three steps will help you make the right decisions so that you can get off that weight loss roller coaster and head down the road that will lead to a healthy and permanent weight.

1. Mentally Prepare Yourself To Make Lasting Lifestyle Changes

The word “diet” tends to have a negative connotation for people and they often think of a period of time where you deprive yourself of things you love, making people feel badly about an eating and exercising regimen before they even start it.

Although we all joke about hating diets, these negative thoughts can have an extremely detrimental impact on our ability to lose weight. It might seem like a hippie notion, but sending out good vibes really can help you reach your goals. In fact, research has even proven that if you’re feeling good about the foods you eat your body actually digests them better, and food that is better digested can cause less heart burn, indigestion, and even colon cancer.

So figure out why it is you want to lose weight, and remember those reasons every time things get hard. That way, you’re always affixing positive emotions with your new lifestyle.

2. Choose a lifestyle that is right for you

If you happen to live for cupcake–think about them, dream about them, and relish eating them–choosing a weight loss regimen that makes you cut out all cupcakes is going to make you miserable and want to be done with it as soon as you can.

Because there are so many ways we can eat less and exercise more we shouldn’t have to follow some routine that we hate just because it worked for someone else. For example, if you really love cupcakes but you also love taking your dog for walks, promise yourself a cupcake at the end of the week if you have taken your dog for a walk every day. Or you can even choose a weight loss supplement that will maximize your workouts so that you won’t feel as guilty if you need a treat every once in a while.

3. Make yourself accountable for your actions

Just like it is important for the friends of an alcoholic to keep them away from scenarios where they might be tempted to stray from their goals, it is important for someone who is trying to lose weight to ask for others’ help.

Make sure you make a plan for yourself and communicate that plan with those around you so that they will give you positive peer pressure when you’re thinking about hitting the snooze button so you won’t have to work out in the morning. If you don’t have anyone you feel comfortable sharing that with, get a journal where you write down your progress and setbacks at the end of each day. Make sure to be completely honest with yourself so that you have something to look forward to at the end of the day that will hold you accountable to good decisions.

These changes are the ones that are going to bring joy and fullness into your entire life, not just ones that will help you zip the zipper on your high school jeans. If you commit to these changes, we can guarantee that you will have a healthier, happier experience as you make the journey to a new you.

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