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Kimberly Tenner
November 29, 2019

850Hoodia Review


One of the most difficult aspects of weight loss and dieting is undoubtedly suppressing the appetite. That’s why so many diet pills have tried to include an ingredient that will help fill up your stomach and alter the chemicals in your brain that tell you that you need to eat.

One of these that operates purely as an appetite suppressant is Hoodia850. This product relies on the power of the Hoodia Gordonii plant to fill the stomach and leave you feeling full for longer.

However, because the usefulness of hoodia has been debated in the weight loss industry, a pill that relies solely on hoodia is suspect. Let’s take a closer look at hoodia and Hoodia850 specifically to see if this is a product you should purchase.

Ingredients and Mechanism of Action

Hoodia850 has been discontinued and the company website is no longer functioning, so obtaining a list of ingredients in the product directly from the manufacturer is not possible. However, Hoodia850 has been well-documented elsewhere and we have come to the conclusion that hoodia itself is the only active ingredient in this product.

The hoodia included in Hoodia850 is not like the “hoodia” found in other diet pills that is actually derived from cacti, but carries a USDA plant certification to prove that it’s genuine.

If it works properly, hoodia should fill the stomach and leave you feeling full long after your normal appetite would begin acting up.

Does Hoodia Work?

All the claims of appetite suppression are based on the fact that the South African bushmen used this plant on extended hunting expeditions and the fact that Africans are generally seen as thin individuals.
However, numerous clinical trials have shown that hoodia is actually not an effective appetite suppressant and have yielded mixed results. Therefore, a product like Hoodia850 that bases its entire effectiveness on hoodia is not likely to work.

How to Use Hoodia850

Hoodia850 should be taken three times daily as a single capsule, along with an eight ounce glass of water before your three largest meals. They should be taken 30 minutes prior to sitting down to your meals.

In this dosage, you’ll be getting about 2,550mg per day of hoodia.


850Hoodia/Hoodia850 is not safe to take if:

  • You are looking for something that is actually clinically proven
  • You are looking for something more than an appetite suppressant
  • You want to work with a current and functioning company
  • You actually want a refund if the product doesn’t work

Possible Side Effects

  • Liver damage
  • No weight loss

Overall Impression of 850Hoodia/Hoodia850:

As with many hoodia supplements, we are not impressed with 850Hoodia. They fail to include other weight loss ingredients such as proven fat burners, thermogenic ingredients, etc. If hoodia were proven, we might suggest paying around $10-$20 for Hoodia850. However, under no circumstances would we advise paying $60.00.

Furthermore, we recommend you steer away from products containing hoodia altogether as they are likely to be ineffective.

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