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Kimberly Tenner
November 29, 2019

Ab Cuts Midsection Formula Review

Ab Cuts Midsection Formula

Most people hold a special desire to eliminate belly fat. Ab Cuts Midsection Formula is said to reduce abdominal fat by burning existing fat stores, enhancing lean tissue development, and improving overall physique.

The Ab Cuts line is fairly well-known in the diet pill industry, so I wanted to see what Ab Cuts Midsection Formula had to offer. To buy Ab Cuts Midsection Formula for $39.99 click here.

Ab Cuts Midsection Formula Manufacturers

One of the most important things to consider in a supplement is where it comes from. The entire Ab Cuts line, including Midsection Formula, is developed and marketed by Corr-Jensen.

Corr-Jensen is a supplement company based in Centennial, Colorado. Unlike other supplements that come and go quickly, Corr-Jensen has been around since 2005 and is still going strong. They hold an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and haven’t had a complaint filed against them in the past 3 years.

It’s hard to find a supplement company with this kind of reputation, so it bodes well for Ab Cuts Midsection Formula.

Ab Cuts Midsection Formula Ingredients

Corr-Jensen uses a relatively simple formula for Ab Cuts Midsection. With just 6 ingredients, Ab Cuts Midsection Formula is said to have enough power to burn fat and improve health. I like simple formulas, but let’s see if Ab Cuts Midsection Formula has one that works.

Vitamin E (6.7 mg)

• Essential vitamin that supports muscle health
• Boosts exercise performance
• Burns fat through additional lean muscle tissue

Safflower Oil (500 mg)

• Contains conjugated linoleic acid (CLA)
• Linked to fat reduction without muscle tissue loss
• In high doses, can produce modest weight loss

Omega 3 Fish Oil (150 mg)

• Contains healthy fats to increase fat burning
• Lowers triglyceride levels
• Increases good cholesterol

Borage Oil (75 mg)

• Gamma linolenic acid (GLA) source
• Reduces inflammation in the body
• Prevents weight gain

Flax Seed Oil (50 mg)

• Contains important vitamins, minerals, and fiber
• Suppresses appetite
• Boosts metabolism

Sesame Seed Oil (25 mg)

• Contains the chemical compound sesamin
• Increases ketone production
• Supports fat burning

This formula contains some high-quality ingredients and avoids most side effects by not including stimulants. A few of these ingredients are needed in a higher concentration to be effective.

For example, flax seed is recommended in a 10-gram dose every day to boost metabolism, according to an ongoing study [1]. Here, it’s in a small 50 mg dose per serving. Even if you took the maximum recommended 9 servings a day, it would still only give you 450 mg of flax seed.

Because of this, I’d say Ab Cuts Midsection Fat Formula is likely to be moderately effective at triggering weight loss but not as effective as it could be.

Ab Cuts Midsection Formula Side Effects

One of the plus sides to Ab Cuts Midsection Formula is the lack of side effects. Without stimulants, Ab Cuts Midsection doesn’t cause the
jitters or nausea frequently associated with diet pills. In fact, 92 reviewers on reported that Ab Cuts Midsection didn’t cause any side effects at all.

However, some people are more sensitive than others, so I’ll go over some possible side effects of the Ab Cuts Midsection ingredients.

Vitamin E—Considered likely safe by WebMD, vitamin E may aggravate heart disease and diabetes if taken in high doses.
Safflower Oil—Safe for most people, but may bring on more frequent menstrual periods.
Fish Oil—May cause belching, bad breath, heartburn, and loose stools.
Borage Oil—May increase risk of bleeding during and after surgery, but most often doesn’t cause side effects.
Flax Seed Oil—May cause loose stools and diarrhea
Sesame Seed Oil—Causes laxative-like effects

As you can see, most of these side effects are dependent on existing health conditions. Otherwise, the most severe side effects seem to be gastrointestinal.

Ab Cuts Midsection Formula Pricing

The price range on Ab Cuts Midsection Formula seems pretty stagnant. Midsection Formula retails for $39.99, on, Corr-Jensen’s official website for Ab Cuts products.

Elsewhere, you can find it for $25.91 on or $35.40 on Prices on other third-party websites are more expensive. From what I can see, no site offers a guarantee on Ab Cuts Midsection Formula, so be prepared to swallow the cost if you’re not satisfied with this product.

Recommendation on Ab Cuts Midsection Formula

Ab Cuts Midsection Formula seems to be a relatively effective way to lose some weight. If you’ve been unhappy with stimulant-based diet pills in the past, Ab Cuts Midsection Formula might be a good solution.

However, I don’t think you should expect huge results from this product. Without proper amounts of some ingredients, Ab Cuts Midsection seems to deliver modest benefits at most. Click here to buy Ab Cuts Midsection Formula.


[1] Chinese Academy of Sciences. 2009. Flaxseed intervention on metabolic syndrome.

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