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Kimberly Tenner
November 28, 2019

Abrexin Review


Stimulant-based diet pills get a lot of flak because of the ingredients they use. The maker of Abrexin is one who has turned their nose down at the idea of stimulants and formulated their product without them.

However, Apidextra hasn’t caused any real problems for consumers, even though it uses caffeine. In fact, Apidextra is a best-selling diet pill. Take a closer look at Abrexin and see if it is safer or more effective than Apidextra.

Abrexin’s Unique Formula

When you look at Abrexin, you’ll see three ingredients that you probably won’t recognize. That’s because–with the exception of one–these ingredients are rarely, if ever, used in diet pills.

Lactoferrin is the main ingredient in Abrexin. It is a naturally-occurring protein that comes from dairy milk. According to the official website for Abrexin, there are studies which show that Lactoferrin can promote thermogenesis in the body. The result of thermogenesis is that your body burns fat faster.

Bioperine is a patented extract of black pepper that is supposed to enhance the effects of other ingredients. That’s why you’ll frequently see it used in diet pills

The last ingredient is GP Shield, which is a special coating on the outside of each Abrexin capsules that makes it bypass your stomach and enter your intestines. I suppose that the rationale behind this is that Abrexin capsules should get absorbed faster that way.

Are There Side Effects with Abrexin?

The reason why Abrexin makers have used Lactoferrin instead of caffeine or Synephrine is because they believe it will be safer. They’re not far off. People who are highly sensitive often experience jitteriness, restlessness, and insomnia when they take stimulant-based diet pills.

The makers of Abrexin even say that you can take this product before you go to bed and “burn fat in your sleep”.

The Cost & Guarantee

I couldn’t find a website that sells Abrexin; not even the official site sells it. You can find it in stores like GNC, Walgreens, and CVS/pharmacy. I can’t tell you what the price is though, because it doesn’t seem to be listed online.

Since you can’t purchase Abrexin from the official website, you won’t get a money back guarantee. If you buy it at a store like GNC though, they have a return policy; but it only covers products that haven’t been opened or used.

My Conclusion

Most of the time when I finish reviewing a product, I have formed an opinion of it. But I’m not sure what I think of Abrexin. I’ve never seen Lactoferrin used before, and even though the official website says there are studies, I’m still not convinced that it is powerful. Usually, the most powerful ingredients are also the most popular ones.

I couldn’t find any online customer reviews of Abrexin either. Without being able to see what real users think of the diet pill, I feel even less sure about how effective it will be. Plus, there’s no price listed online or a money back guarantee.

I am a lot more optimistic about Apidextra. Not just because it is one of the best-selling diet pills, but because it has clinically proven ingredients in its formula. Most customers who use Apidextra agree that it is both safe and effective. Since it comes guaranteed, you don’t risk anything when you try it.

I recommend that you try Apidextra.

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