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Kimberly Tenner
November 29, 2019

Acai A1 Review

Acai A1

Acai A1 is advertised as an advanced detox formula that will help you burn fat, fight fatigue, and even eliminate gas and bloating. As an added plus, sellers would have you believe that Acai A1 will even help you feel healthy and vibrant while you lose unwanted weight and boost energy levels naturally.

Acai A1 is one of many diet pills in the industry riding the waves of popularity associated with the acai berry, a natural superfruit rich in antioxidants. With so many other diet pills on the market all claiming to do the same thing, we can’t help but wonder if Acai A1 deserves to stand out from the rest or if it’s best left on the shelves.

Let’s take a closer look at the ingredients to find out what this diet pill can really do.

Ingredients and Mechanism of Action

Acai A1 uses a blend of 800mg acai, vitamin B complex, vitamin E, calcium, potassium, and fiber.

Fiber can promote regularity while vitamin E and acai promote healthy antioxidant benefits, and calcium can protect bones from osteoporosis. But truth be told, calcium and fiber don’t burn fat.

Acai, on the other hand, is just a fruit which happens to be rich in nutrients – but in all honesty, the common blueberry is healthier.

What About Cleansing?

Cleansing & detoxifying is considered by many to be the better way to lose weight. But detoxifying requires ingredients like dandelion root and uva ursi. If done right, a cleanse can increase energy, flush out pounds of harmful toxins, and improve skin and health.

Some detoxes do use acai, but as a backup ingredient. Its antioxidants fight free radicals, and the vitamins replace vitamins lost during a cleanse. Interestingly enough, acai only complements the effects of strong cleansing ingredients like dandelion root. It does not replace it.

Product Price

Acai A1 does not have an official website where you can buy it directly from the manufacturers, meaning that you have to trust third-party sellers such as to give you a good deal. You can currently buy Acai A1 Advanced detox for about $18.99 a bottle plus shipping, which makes it affordable for most people.

There is no money-back guarantee currently associated with this product, though does offer excellent customer service in case you have a problem with the supplement.

Overall Impression of Acai A1

Acai A1 is presented as the best possible way to burn fat and lose weight the healthy way. It is based on a fruit, which does not actually increase weight loss results, and the other ingredients in Acai A1 are just as ineffective, making it a complete waste of time and money. It lacks fat-burners and appetite suppressants to help you lose weight, and without any customer reviews validating its effectiveness, we can’t help but wonder if this diet pill will even work at all.

There are much better products to be had if you know where to look – some of which are listed as our top five best-sellers. You can read more about these effective diet pills here at the homepage.

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