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Kimberly Tenner
November 28, 2019

Acai Balance Review

Acai Balance

There are dozens of diet pills that use acai berry. However, the makers of Acai Balance say that it stands head and shoulders above the competition. Why? Because it is the only diet pill that combines four potent ingredients, or so the makers claim.

Unfortunately, Acai Balance is not the only diet pill that uses these four ingredients. I found them in Lipoclen too. That doesn’t mean that Acai Balance isn’t effective, but it may not be the most effective acai-based diet pill out there.

Ingredients in Acai Balance

Acai Berry Extract – Dr. Perricone says that the acai berry is the “World’s #1 Super Food”, which is why Acai Balance makers have it as their main ingredient. Good choice! The biggest reason why acai berry is so popular is because it has so many antioxidants. These can help with a range of problems from cancer to unhealthy skin to sluggish metabolism.
Green Tea Extract – This extract is also high in antioxidants, but it has other weight loss benefits too. Green Tea naturally contains caffeine, which is a powerful thermogenic. It can stimulate your body to burn fat faster and suppress appetite.
Mangosteen – Here’s another antioxidant-loaded fruit! Mangosteen is supposed to give you more energy, reduce inflammation, and slow down your body’s aging process.
Pomegranate – Few fruits have more antioxidants than this one does. It is especially good for lowering cholesterol and blood pressure.

The Facts About Acai Balance

In order for me to determine just how effective Acai Balance will be, I need to see all the ingredients that are used and the doses they are used in. Acai Balance makers have only provided the first bit of information on their website.

Since I can’t see if Acai Balance has effective doses, I tried looking for customer reviews. They usually give me a good idea of how effective a diet pill is. I ran into another problem here though because there are only a handful of Acai Balance customer reviews online.

Cost & Guarantee

From what I could tell, the only place to buy Acai Balance online is from the official website. There, the price is $69.95 for a one month supply.

A bonus to buying from the official website is that you get a 30-day money back guarantee. Simply return one used and any unused bottles and the manufacturer will issue you a refund (less shipping & handling).

Educated Opinion

I really like the ingredients that Acai Balance because they are higher in antioxidants than most fruits or extracts. However, I would like to see what does are used so I can confirm that they’ll be effective. Fifty or more customer reviews would be nice too.

I don’t recommend that you try Acai Balance for a few reasons. 1. It isn’t the only diet pill that uses these four ingredients. Lipoclen has them plus 36 additional detoxifying, fat-burning, clinically proven ingredients. 2. Acai Balance doesn’t offer as much as Lipoclen, but it costs almost twice as much. 3. There are several customer reviews for Lipoclen online and most of them are positive.

I recommend that you try Lipoclen instead of Acai Balance.

Acai Balance Customer Reviews

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Hailee Jordan Says:

I’ve only tried this acai product. I found out the hard way that acai is good. And I felt better when I was using Acai Balance. But I feel better when I’m using a multivitamin. The benefits weren’t that great. So I stopped buying Acai Balance.

May 15, 2010 at 9:37 pm

Mandy Says:

I wanted to get an acai choice that was a little cheaper than some of the juices I was using for my health. So I guess I didn’t really expect to get any weight loss results. But I found out why the juices are more expensive. I’ve used a few and they were pretty good. I could feel the difference in my health. When I started using Acai Balance, I showed a sharp decline in that, and it did not help me to lose any weight.

July 19, 2010 at 9:35 pm

Stacy Gleason Says:

I felt better at first when I started taking Acai Balance. My energy was up, and I thought it was doing something. The price that was charged to my credit card later put things in perspective for me. I was hoping that it would prove that it was worth it and I would suddenly get amazing weight loss. It never happened. And the energy to me is worth maybe $20.

August 15, 2010 at 9:32 pm

Tammy Aniston Says:

I faithfully used Acai Balance for about 3 months. I wanted to give it a real chance, and I think I wanted it to be the perfect health and weight loss supplement. I wanted it to be the miracle they talked about. I stayed on that auto ship for a while, and after I cancelled, it wasn’t as hard as I thought it was going to be. They were pretty good about it. But I couldn’t make returns. I didn’t see any fat burning, no cleansing, no weight loss whatsoever.

September 12, 2010 at 9:29 pm

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