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Kimberly Tenner
November 28, 2019

Acai Burn by NRI Review

Acai Burn by NRI

You’ve heard of the acai berry. It’s that superfruit that was featured on Oprah…..and then Oprah and Dr. Perricone sued most of the major acai products for trying to use their faces and names to sell the products. Oh wait, not everybody knew that. The truth is that acai is a superfruit that DOES NOT promote weight loss, and major media moguls have never actually suggested otherwise.

Acai, which is the feature ingredient in Acai Burn by NRI, is super healthy to be sure. This fruit is rich in essential vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, fibers, and even good fatty acids. However, even with this feature ingredient, we have found that there are “acai fat burners” that really do have clinically proven fat burners hiding in the background.

Does Acai Burn by NRI Have Clinically Proven Weight Loss Ingredients?

Acai Burn by NRI may focus on acai, but the formula has other ingredients that have been through weight loss studies in the past. In fact, we probably don’t even have to tell you that. Most people recognize a lot of the famous names found in Acai Burn by NRI such as green tea and caffeine anhydrous, both of which have been commonly used as thermogenic fat burners.

Acai Burn by NRI also uses a few ingredients that may not be as famous, but ingredients that can be just as effective as names like green tea. Garcinia cambogia for example can be an extremely powerful and stimulant-free fat burner. In addition, Acai Burn by NRI uses apple cider vinegar, which is one of the best natural cleansers in part because this particular cleanser has never been used as a diuretic or laxative.

Is Acai Burn by NRI A Potent Fat Burner?

You would think by looking at the ingredients that despite the slight misdirection provided by the name, Acai Burn by NRI must be an effective fat burner. After all, this acai fat burner is packed full of clinically proven weight loss ingredients! However, there is one small problem.

Like a lot of other popular, but ineffective products that we have seen, Acai Burn by NRI uses what’s called a proprietary blend. The only purpose of a proprietary blend is to hide information, specifically including the individual doses of each ingredient. The Acai Burn by NRI website can be pretty convincing, even leading some to overlook this fact.

However, the only reason we know of to use a proprietary blend is again to hide information and mask small doses of each ingredient. Ultimately, this means that this acai fat burner most likely does not have the clinically proven amounts of each ingredient.

Final Word on Acai Burn by NRI

Acai Burn by NRI uses ingredients that are strong and clinically proven. At first, even though Acai Burn by NRI’s key ingredient is acai, this formula has potential as a clinically proven fat burner. The problem is that the proprietary blend undermines anything and everything that Acai Burn by NRI says in relation to any weight loss benefits.

Acai Burn by NRI can still cause side effects. Even though acai isn’t typically considered to be dangerous, the caffeine in green tea and of course caffeine anhydrous can lead to jitters, trouble sleeping, headaches, and other common side effects. However, the most important thing for most dieters is that the Acai Burn by NRI formula is not strong enough to help you to lose more weight.

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