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Kimberly Tenner
November 29, 2019

Acai Burn Max Review

Acai Burn Max

SuperFoods are the latest craze in the health industry; and none more so than acai. Acai Burn Max is just one out of thousands of products that were created to capitalize on the reputation of this little wonder fruit.

Although most of the focus is on acai, there are other ingredients in Acai Burn Max. This is true for other acai-based diet pills too because, although beneficial, acai isn’t the most powerful weight loss ingredient.

Lipoclen is also based on acai, but the other ingredients it uses make it a highly effective diet pill. Is the same true for Acai Burn Max?

Ingredients in Acai Burn Max

Finding information about Acai Burn Max online is almost impossible. Most searches will bring up the product Acai Burn, which sources say is very similar to Acai Burn Max, but it’s not the same thing.

According to one site, Acai Burn Max has acai, gymnema silvestre, chromium polynicotinate, and garcinia combogia. There is also a good chance that the diet pill also has caffeine and some other undisclosed ingredients.

Based on these ingredients, it appears that Acai Burn Max is supposed to suppress appetite and boost metabolism. For example, chromium is a form of the trace mineral that your body uses to support the function of insulin. By enhancing insulin, chromium normalizes blood sugar levels. The result of this is decreased appetite and reduced fat storage.

The key ingredient acai is high in antioxidants; making it a great addition to this diet pill. However, there aren’t many studies that explore the fruit’s ability to promote weight loss. It may be able to, but research doesn’t prove this.

The Facts About Acai Burn Max

Knowing what ingredients are in Acai Burn Max is the first step to deciding if the diet pill works. But it’s also important for users to see how much of each ingredient were used. Since I can’t find this information anywhere online, I can’t promise you that what Acai Burn Max uses is an effective amount.

It also makes me nervous that there are other ingredients in Acai Burn Max, besides the ones mentioned above. Are those other ingredients safe? If Acai Burn Max uses a large amount of caffeine, it could cause side effects.

Cost & Guarantee

None of the limited information that I found for Acai Burn Max says how much this diet pill costs. There is also no mention of a money back guarantee.

I did find some sites that mentioned a free trial offer. These are something that all consumers should be very cautious about as they are usually a way for retailers to hook you into an auto-charge, auto-ship program.

Educated Opinion

The general lack of information surrounding Acai Burn Max makes me very skeptical of its value. Even if it does have effective ingredients in strong doses, Acai Burn Max may not be affordable, or it may not come from a reputable company. I can’t even find out if Acai Burn Max is still available for sale.

Then there is Lipoclen. This diet pill has everything that Acai Burn Max lacks, from a reputable manufacturer and powerful weight loss ingredients to clinical research and a money back guarantee. Lipoclen is affordable too.

If you want the benefits of acai and fast weight loss, I recommend that you try Lipoclen, not Acai Burn Max.

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