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Kimberly Tenner
November 28, 2019

ACE Diet Pills Review

ACE Diet Pills

ACE, or Appetite Control and Energy, is taking Facebook and Twitter by storm. With thousands of satisfied consumers liking their pages and discussing amazing results, it’s easy to think that ACE is the next big miracle solution we’ve all been waiting for. To buy ACE diet pills for $59.00 click here.

Manufacturers advertise this blend of natural ingredients will “turn-off your hunger switch and kick you into gear!” Furthermore, the product page is littered with before and after photos promoting ACE as the perfect solution for losing stubborn pounds.

Yet before we give into the hype and order a bottle for ourselves, let’s step back for a minute and see what this diet pill really has to offer.

Is it as safe and effective as it seems?

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What’s Inside?

ACE has an interesting mix of listed and unlisted ingredient concentrations. Though I found it helpful to know ACE has the caffeine equivalent of a cup of coffee, I felt a little hesitant about its proprietary blend. 780 mg divided among 6 ingredients might not seem like much, but it’s enough to cause negative side effects if these ingredients are used incorrectly.

Still, I’m also impressed at what these ingredients can provide. . .

Chromium. A trace mineral that supports healthy blood sugar levels, chromium enhances carbohydrate and fat metabolism. Research suggests chromium can decrease food cravings as well. [1]

Cocoa Powder. Cocoa powder is rich in antioxidants and other chemicals to boost immunity and energy.

Spirulina. Also known as blue-green algae, this ingredient is packed with protein, iron, and other minerals to boost immunity and enhance physical performance. It is said to treat a wide variety of conditions, though research has yet to validate these claims.

Green Tea. Green tea contains polyphenols and catechins that eliminate free radicals while enhancing metabolism.

1,3-dimethylpentylamine HCL. Often shortened to DMAA, this component is a natural stimulant extracted from geraniums. It acts as a norepinephrine-releasing agent, increasing energy, focus, and metabolism.

Phenylethylamine HCL. More commonly known as PEA or “the love drug,” Phenylethylamine HCL is an amphetamine-like substance that stimulates pleasure and euphoria.

Caffeine. Caffeine interacts with adenosine receptors in the central nervous system to trigger a flight or fight response. While in this state, the body burns more calories and appetite is decreased.

Vanadium (Chelate). Scientists are still unsure of the benefits this mineral provides. While some believe it controls blood sugar levels, further research is needed.

Are the Ingredients Safe?

Don’t let the term “all-natural” fool you into thinking ACE is 100% safe. Though the ingredients themselves present little risk when used correctly, the proprietary blend casts a shadow of doubt on the formula’s safety.

If the ingredients are used in their clinically proven amounts, wouldn’t it be in the manufacturer’s best interest to list them on the label?

DMAA, for example, only needs 25-75 mg to be effective. Higher dosages may cause headaches, dizziness, nausea, paranoia, irritability, and stroke.

Furthermore, the formula is said to be synergistic, which means each ingredient enhances the effects of the others. Since ACE contains caffeine and DMAA, I can assume that the stimulating effects will be increased.

Caffeine is notorious for causing negative side effects such as headaches, vomiting, jitters, trembling, and rapid/irregular heartbeat.

With the two ingredients combined, one of which in unknown concentrations, is ACE really safe?

I had to turn to consumer reviews for the answers, but the reviews were mixed.

According to Jazzy at, “It began going downhill after one week. I am able to push breakfast a little further in the morning but that is it. I crave all day, I actually think I am hungrier… is that possible? Headache, fatigue, heart palpitations.”

On the other hand, Welldarn at wrote, “Gives energy without shakes or heart racing. Been on it for a month now & have only lost 4 lbs. will continue taking just for the energy.”

Consequently, I assume that individual results will vary depending on caffeine tolerance. To reduce your risk of side effects, take a smaller dosage the first few days.

How to Use ACE Diet Pills

Stephanie Click, an ACE distributor gives us the following advice, “I, personally, take 1 ACE tablet at 10:30 AM every morning. I eat breakfast, let it settle and then take ACE.”

She also adds, “You can safely take up to 4 ACE pills per day (although I don’t recommend it). However, I do have many clients with significant amounts of weight to lose that take 2 pills per day (usually at 10:00 AM and 2:00 PM, but feel free to adjust to your body) and they do see a quicker weight loss.”

For better results, “Stay consistent with taking your ACE pill” and “stay well hydrated.”

Pricing Options

ACE is available at for $56.99 per 60 count bottle. Not exactly the cheapest diet pill, but many consumers swear it’s worth the price.

If you want to order from the manufacturers at, you can buy an Ace weight-loss start kit that “includes everything needed to kick start your health regimen.” It includes a 60 count ACE Bottle, 7 (2 count) trial packs, as well as brochures, policies and procedures, and a product catalogue for $59 plus shipping.

Additionally, there are thousands of ACE distributors that sell it locally, and if you’re impressed with the product, you can become a distributor yourself.

What if It Doesn’t Work?

Since the weight loss starter kit price is so high, it’s only natural that you’ll want a money-back guarantee in case it doesn’t work.

Unfortunately, and AMS Health Sciences, Inc. do not back their products. If you’re lucky, you might find a local distributor who does, but don’t count on it.

If ACE doesn’t work for you, you’re stuck with an expensive paperweight.

Review Continues Below

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More About the Manufacturers

ACE is sold and distributed by Saba for Life, a division of AMS Health Sciences. According to the mission statement, the company aims to “make a positive impact on the health and the wealth of every man, woman and child in every country we do business.”

Not a bad goal. . . .for a multi-level marketing program.

That’s right – Saba offers a compensation plan for individuals who sell their products, which is probably why ACE comes so highly recommended in reviews. Those who claim to get amazing results may be trying to enroll you in their program.

According to the site, each associate who signs up 30 customers on an enrollment pack receives a $20 bonus for each customer, totaling $600. The higher up you are on the chain, the more money you make.

To become a distributor or for any additional questions, you can contact customer service via the following:

• Email:
• Corporate Office: 1-405-842-0131
• Customer Service: 1-866-758-Saba (7222)
• Toll-Free Order Line: 1-866-758-Saba (7222)
• Local Fax: 1-405-843-4935
• Toll-Free Fax: 1-888-267-6329

On the other hand, it seems as though the CEO at Saba for Life doesn’t use his product, or if he does use ACE, he still has a way to go . . .

Jashley0822 at has this to say about Gary Hail, “I went to the sabaforlife website which I think is the originator of this pills and saw the letter from the president of this organization…It just made me think..if you are a president of a company promoting health and selling pills to help people lose weight, shouldn’t you be posting a picture of you at least showing a more healthy looking you without the double chin? No pun intended. Not only that I am curious but it sends me a conflicting message–that here you are convincing me to buy and sell your product because it will help you and other people to lose weight and make money by doing so BUT here you are with your letter and your picture showing me an unhealthy looking image? I hope it is just the browser of my computer not showing the healthy picture of Gary Hail, president of Saba.”

Final Thoughts

ACE diet pills have me confused.

On one side, I see hundreds of positive consumer reviews and plenty of anecdotal evidence to suggest it works. On the other, ACE is part of a multi-level marketing program and these reviews may be biased to increase sales.

In favor of ACE diet pills, it offers a few energy-boosting, mood-enhancing ingredients that could nudge you in the right direction for weight loss. But contradicting this point, it also contains a few unproven ingredients and lists its formula in a proprietary blend.

While I think ACE has the potential to help dieters reach their weight loss goals, I don’t think this diet pill is the “miracle” solution it’s made out to be. It works for some, but not for others.

Consequently, it all boils down to the price. For $59 per bottle with no money-back guarantee, I’d have to say that are safer, more affordable supplements that offer more reliable results.


[1] S.D. Anton et al. “Effects of Chromium Picolinate on Food Intake and Satiety.” Diabetes Technology &Tehrapeutics. October 2008. Volume 10, Issue 5, Pages 405-412.

ACE Diet Pills Customer Reviews

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lillie Says:

I have been on ACE for a month and 1 wk now and have lost 1 pound.

March 5, 2013 at 5:49 pm

Teresa Says:

Does this sound like a pyramid scheme??

August 29, 2013 at 7:47 pm

admin Says:

Teresa, some users believe ACE Diet Pills are part of a pyramid scheme.

September 3, 2013 at 11:52 am

Kate Says:

Have been on ACE for two weeks and no weight loss at all. I think I am even more hungry if that is possible. Does give me a slight boost in energy however. I am sleeping much better though.

October 12, 2013 at 9:24 am

melinda Says:

i took one pill at and i got the jitters, heart papulations, and nausea i did not try another one. and ate the same as i did at night. did not curve my appetite then. stayed up till 4:00 that morning.

January 12, 2014 at 2:13 am

Laura Says:

ACE has changed my life! I guess I am one of those people it worked well for, I have lost 50 pounds went from a size 18 down to a 10! My rep had tried to get me to sell the ACE, she was pushy but I said no. I am no longer on ACE and have gained about 10 pounds back, my thought is you can’t stop taking them without diet and exercise, which is the right thing to do anyway. So I probably could have done that to begin with. Some lose weight, others don’t.

January 27, 2014 at 8:46 am

Anna Pena Says:

I have been taking ace diet pills for almost three weeks and drink lots of water and walk and substitute a meal with a saba shake and have not lost any weight.

June 5, 2014 at 12:58 am

Jennifer Says:

I lost 20 pounds in two months with ACE. I love the product and am a believer in it and so I started selling it a year ago. I do give my customers that it does not work for a full money back guarantee. The company sends me a new bottle instead of a refund to me. It is a great company. You truly have nothing to lose with a 30 day money back guarantee. is my email if you want to try a pack! I have trials with two capsules. Thanks!!

July 7, 2014 at 11:26 am

Sue Says:

I have been taking 2 pills a day for 2 weeks and drinking a lot of water. I have not lost any weight.

July 14, 2014 at 7:38 am

Bobbie Jo Says:

I have been on the ace pill with diet and exercise for 8 days now and I’ve lost 19 pounds… So it does work you just have to set your mind to it …

September 2, 2014 at 8:48 am

vickie Says:

have been on ace for a week now, not eating as much only a small breakfast and usually not hungry until dinner time, eat salad and grilled chicken and vegtables, no weight loss as of yet. feeling depressed about it.

October 25, 2014 at 8:32 am

Linda Says:

Ace surely does give me more than enough energy but as far as an apatite suppressant not so much but everything works differently on all people…I have noticed that I am keeping the weight off that I lost prior to taking this medication but that could be from the constant diarrhea after I eat something but all in all I’m not really disappointed. 🙂

April 14, 2015 at 11:06 am

Karen Sorrow Says:

Your report is inaccurate… DMAA is been removed from Saba ACE and your report should be updated to reflect this change. Please review this product again and update your report in accordance.

July 10, 2015 at 11:13 am

Karen Sorrow Says:

Oh and you are ALSO incorrect about the no money back guarantee.. we have ALWAYS offered a no-questions asked 30 day money back guarantee. You simply have to return the empty bottle back to the company with a brief explanation of your reason for dissatisfaction.
I was a user for 1 year prior to becoming a distributor. I have lost and maintained a 74 pound weight loss and SEVERAL inches. I am no longer pre-diabetic and I am off ALL of my high blood pressure meds. So to say that our products aren’t safe and aren’t reliable isn’t quite the truth. I just don’t think you did enough research on this article to make such judgments. I feel healthier and I am no longer on prescription meds that were costing me a small fortune. So I will continue to speak about my GREAT success with AMS/Saba products as long as ANYONE will listen to me.

Best of luck!!

July 10, 2015 at 11:20 am

candace lowrie Says:

I took Ace for about 4 months and lost 36lbs with it, I am sure others had side effects but for me I did not. the best part about this is that I ate breakfast then I took 1 pill a day around 10am everyday for 4 months.

August 4, 2015 at 2:45 pm

Laura Says:

I used it a few years ago and it worked great and gave me energy to exercise even after working all day. But then they changed something, it was new and improved and the label was a little different. And I was not impressed.

April 12, 2016 at 6:17 pm

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