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Kimberly Tenner
November 29, 2019

ActiSlim Ultra Max Review

ActiSlim Ultra Max

Based in the UK, ActiSlim Ultra Max is part of one of the largest diet pill lines in the UK. Like other ActiSlim products, it is first described as “a combination of natural herbs, vitamins, minerals, and plant extracts.” Makers further describe ActiSlim Ultra Max as a 100% natural supplement designed to increase your “personal lifestyle goals” faster than any other product on the market, acting as the strongest version of ActiSlim Ultra Max for cravings.

How Does ActiSlim Ultra Max Work?

ActiSlim Ultra Max uses a blend that looks a lot like other past ActiSlim products. It focuses on ingredients like garlic, which is nice, but it is mostly meant to improve cholesterol and heart health, not to promote weight loss. The difference is that ActiSlim Ultra Max also adds in green tea and caffeine, both of which have been clinically proven to produce a thermogenic fat burning effect. Other ActiSlim products have used mild appetite suppressants, but never strong fat burners like green tea.

Is ActiSlim Ultra Max Better Than Other ActiSlim Products?

Without question, ActiSlim Ultra Max is more effective than other ActiSlim products. It’s the only ActiSlim product we’ve seen that is not afraid to use powerful and clinically proven fat burners.

Is ActiSlim Ultra Max Better Than Other Diet Pills?

ActiSlim Ultra Max typically sells for 36.95 Euros, which translates into about $60, plus international shipping costs if you do not live in the UK (and the way we hear it, shipping costs within the UK are still pretty high). If you are going to spend upwards of about $80 to $100 on a 1 month supply, you better be getting the best diet pill in the world, or at least one that is a little bit unusual.

Unfortunately, the only weight loss ingredients we see in ActiSlim Ultra Max can be found in a $20 diet pill (including shipping and handling costs). The bang for your buck is terrible!


ActiSlim Ultra Max is a $20 dollar diet pill selling for $80. ActiSlim Ultra Max has clinically proven weight loss ingredients, and it has plenty of heart healthy ingredients as well. Green tea is one of its best ingredients promoting heart healthy antioxidant benefits and thermogenic fat burning in one, and there are hundreds of clinical studies to prove it. The price is our only objection.

If you have purchased ActiSlim Ultra Max, please let us know what you think. Did ActiSlim Ultra Max work for you, did it cause side effects, do you think that it was a better value than we do? Lease leave any reviews or comments you have below.

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