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Kimberly Tenner
November 28, 2019

Adiphene Review


Because of varying fitness levels, eating habits, and starting weights, it’s difficult for one diet pill to help everyone lose weight. But the diet pill Adiphene claims to work for everyone, no matter what. In fact, it claims to stimulate weight loss even without a healthy diet or a regimented exercise plan.

Adiphene’s promises sound good to me—too good to be true. So I investigated Adiphene’s active ingredients, potential side effects, consumer reviews, and usage instructions to discover its true value as a diet pill.

Active Ingredients in Adiphene

If Adiphene really lets anyone lose weight no matter their diet or exercise habits, it needs to have powerful and proven ingredients. Do these ingredients fit those criteria?

Bitter Orange
Bitter orange works as a stimulant to boost metabolism and burn fat. Since it may increase heart rate or blood pressure, many health professionals seriously question the safety of bitter orange. Even some severe side effects like stroke or heart attack are linked to using bitter orange. [1]

Chromium Picolinate
Chromium picolinate is a chemical compound of chromium and picolinic acid. The picolinic acid allows for better absorption of chromium, a trace element required for insulin regulation. One study done on rats showed they ate less food when using chromium, but it is not yet a proven appetite suppressant in humans. [2]

Guarana Extract
Extract from guarana seeds contains a high percentage of caffeine, nearly twice that of coffee beans. Caffeine signals the body to release fat burning hormones, so guarana is believed to work the same way.

Ginseng Panax Root Extract
Although ginseng has many traditional medical uses, weight loss isn’t one of them. Some studies show its usefulness in treating blood sugar issues, specifically diabetes. But these studies do not prove that ginseng induces weight loss.

Cacao Extract
The theobromine in cacao behaves similarly to caffeine, stimulating metabolism and enhancing energy. Newer research shows that the polyphenols in cacao inhibit digestion and absorption of some carbohydrate and fat molecules. This makes them the true source of cacao extract’s weight gain prevention.

Vitamin B6
The body requires vitamin B6 to generate glucose and to absorb other nutrients related to metabolism. Although this vitamin plays key roles in digestion, its ability to improve metabolism probably plateaus, so it’s not a strong weight loss ingredient.

Carnitine is a molecule composed of several amino acids and it aids in the transformation of fat into energy. discusses a study linking carnitine supplements to weight loss. Unfortunately, this study took place in 1986, and research since then does not prove carnitine increases weight loss.

Ginger Root
Adiphene says its ginger root acts as a fat metabolizer, but I couldn’t find solid evidence that ginger root burns fat. At best, the antioxidants in ginger root might suppress appetite and improve overall digestive health.

Cinnamon Extract
A study of adults with metabolic syndrome found that cinnamon extract helped them lose small amounts of weight. [3] But this study does not prove cinnamon helps everyone lose weight.

Cayenne Capsicum
Cayenne capsicum is another term for cayenne peppers. The spicy capsaicin in cayenne likely makes the body produce heat, which could burn fat. But the effects of capsaicin are generally too short-lived to impact weight.

Glucomannan is a dietary fiber, so it keeps appetite at bay by expanding in the stomach without being digested properly. Studies of glucomannan and weight loss are promising but still preliminary.

Chitosan is a long, indigestible sugar molecule taken from shellfish. Diet supplements include it as a digestive fat binder, an ingredient that prevents the body from absorbing fats. Scientists need to study chitosan further to prove these effects.

Adiphene certainly has a long list of active ingredients. But using a dozen ingredients doesn’t guarantee a diet pill will work. The ingredients must be proven to help people lose weight. Adiphene’s ingredients really aren’t.

Plus, even proven ingredients only work in specific doses. Adiphene doesn’t disclose how much of each ingredient it contains or even which ingredients are more prevalent than others. That information is vital for judging whether Adiphene works. Without it, I’m not convinced Adiphene works.

Potential Side Effects

Most of Adiphene’s ingredients are safe and natural. For instance, I’m not worried about the side effects of cinnamon or vitamin B6.

But a few ingredients do give me pause. Some scientists wonder if chitosan could induce an allergic reaction because it comes from shellfish. Glucomannan use without sufficient water intake might cause intestinal blockage. And the similarities between bitter orange and ephedra are unsettling.

Consumer Reviews

The reviews I found of Adiphene were all positive. Several people of varying ages and health levels reported losing weight and liking the results of Adiphene.

But I only found reviews on Since Adiphene’s makers control this website, I cannot completely trust these overwhelmingly positive results. I could judge Adiphene better if I could find reviews on a neutral website.

Usage Instructions

Only two capsules of Adiphene are enough to induce weight loss. Each pill should be taken twenty minutes before a meal, either breakfast or lunch, with a full glass of water.

Adiphene claims to work without diet and exercise, but eating right and working out could enhance its effectiveness.

Also, Adiphene’s website recommends using it for a minimum of 90 days. Supposedly after 90 days, the body should reach its maximum metabolic efficiency.

Where to Buy Adiphene appears to be the only place to buy this diet pill. Adiphene comes in bottles of 60 pills. One bottle costs $65.95. Two bottles cost $129.90. But the best price per pill is on three bottles for $197.85, since this price comes with a fourth bottle for free. guarantees everyone will lose weight after 30 days on Adiphene or they can receive a refund. However, they pay this refund only to customers who weighed themselves before starting Adiphene, every day thereafter for 30 days, and saw absolutely no weight loss. They even require a doctor’s note certifying this lack of weight loss.

I’m usually happy to see a company standing behind its product, but I don’t think Adiphene’s guarantee ensures customer satisfaction.

Does Adiphene Live Up to Its Claims?

Adiphene is not a product I can stand behind. Not knowing the dose of each ingredient makes me question how well Adiphene works. Even though some people reported loving it, I’m not convinced Adiphene helps everyone lose weight.

All in all, I need more proof that Adiphene lives up to its claims before I can recommend it as a weight loss pill.


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