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Kimberly Tenner
November 29, 2019

Advanced Trimspa X32 Review

Advanced Trimspa X32

Dieting can be stressful. It isn’t always easy to figure out which weight loss supplement will work best for you. A lot of hype surrounds weight loss supplements; many claim to be the best. Advanced Trimspa X32 claims you’ll be “The root of all envy” with their new weight loss supplement.

Advanced Trimspa X32 is supposed to be a new scientifically improved weight loss formula that has recently been advanced to offer a rapid release form of this pill. According Trimspa, the key ingredients in this new formula helps users stave off hunger, while staying satisfied. Trimspa claims that this product has been demonstrated to improve weight loss results versus just diet and exercise alone.


While Advanced Trimspa X32 has many ingredients listed, Trimspa mostly advertises one ingredient, Hoodia Gordonii. This plant is supposed to be what makes Advanced Trimspa X32 so powerfully effective as a weight loss supplement. Hoodia Gordonii is said to be a strong appetite suppressant. It is also said to be a metabolism booster, and give users more energy.

Green Tea is also included in Advanced Trimspa X32, and works to improve the metabolism and give users many antioxidants. Green Tea has many health benefits to help improve the immune system and support the liver.

One of the ingredients listed, Cocoa Extract, is a diuretic which helps flush out excess water and toxins.

Chromium, Glucosamine, and Vanadium work to lower cholesterol, strengthen muscles, and improve metabolism. These are powerful minerals that are gaining popularity among weight loss supplements.


Hoodia Gordonii is thought to be, and promised by Trimspa to be, a powerfully strong appetite suppressant. Along with its energy boosting and metabolism increasing properties, this product helps control cravings.


While the claims of Hoodia Gordonii sound promising, no independent studies have been conducted on this ingredient. It is an all-natural product, so it seems safe, but without testing and unbiased research, we can’t know for sure what this ingredient will do.

Advanced Trimspa X32 comes with side effects which include high blood pressure, insomnia, and migraines.

Also, as a diuretic, this product must be taken with plenty of water so as not to dehydrate users. The makers of Advanced Trimspa X32 also suggest taking this product with lots of water to avoid choking.


While this product sounds promising, we don’t feel good enough about it to recommend it. The main research which has been done hasn’t been done by an independent source, and was conducted on rats with a different ingestion method. We’d recommend looking for a product which has more clinically proven results.

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