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Kimberly Tenner
November 28, 2019

Advocare ThermoPlus Review

Advocare ThermoPlus

Thermogenics are probably the most popular type of diet pill out there, but they aren’t always effective. Advocare ThermoPlus is supposed to promote weight loss through thermogenesis. To do that, it needs to have ingredients that have been clinically proven, like the ingredients in Phenphedrine have been.

Phenphedrine has 5 of the best thermogenic-boosting ingredients. That’s why Phenphedrine is one of this year’s best diet pills. How does Advocare ThermoPlus compare?

The Formula of Advocare ThermoPlus

Some of the ingredients that Advocare ThermoPlus uses are sage extract, oolong tea extract, and Guarana. There could be other ingredients in the diet pill, but these are three are the only ones that are highlighted.

Sage extract is known for containing antioxidants. It may also be able to increase energy levels and oxidize fat cells. According to the official website for Advocare ThermoPlus, sage has components that affect brain cell receptors and reduce appetite.

Oolong tea extract has antioxidants and caffeine. Together these are supposed to increase the rate with calories are burned and reduce hunger cravings. Supposedly, when sage and oolong tea are combined they are supposed to be more powerful, but there is no concrete evidence to support that theory.

Guarana is a natural stimulant that should increase the rate of fat metabolism and give you higher levels of natural energy.

The ingredients that Advocare ThermoPlus may not be highly powerful, but they won’t have any power unless the right doses are used. Unfortunately, the only dose that is mentioned is for caffeine and it’s 45 mg. A diet pill needs to have at least 200 mg of caffeine before the ingredient will make a noticeable difference in your metabolism.

Directions for Use

Advocare ThermoPlus is only meant to be taken by people who are 18 years old or older. Each day, you are supposed to take 1 capsule before each meal. That way, the ingredients will suppress your appetite and you won’t eat as much during the upcoming meal. The manufacturer also says that you need to exercise and eat healthier to get the best results from Advocare ThermoPlus.

Cost & Guarantee

The only online site that sells Advocare ThermoPlus is the official website. There, the price is $31.95 for a month supply. There doesn’t seem to be a money back guarantee or a return policy offered on the site. So, if you try Advocare ThermoPlus and you don’t get results from it, you may not be able to return it for a refund.

What Users Say About Advocare ThermoPlus

I actually wasn’t able to find any customer reviews for Advocare ThermoPlus online. Not even on the official website. There are several expert reviews though. From reading these, I get the impression that Advocare ThermoPlus might not be as powerful as makers claim that it is. It may end up being a disappointment.

Educated Opinion

Advocare ThermoPlus is supposed to be a powerful diet pill, but because it doesn’t have a strong formula, it may fall short. Since it doesn’t seem to come guaranteed, you’d be risking any money you invest into Advocare ThermoPlus by trying. I think investing in Phenphedrine is safer and the product is more effective.

Not only does Phenphedrine have proven ingredients, it comes guaranteed so you can try it risk free. I highly recommend that you use Phenphedrine for weight loss.

Advocare ThermoPlus Customer Reviews

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Ally B Says:

advocare products are back 100% with money guarantee. Im a product user and it has help me to lose weight especially used properly.

March 4, 2019 at 7:06 am

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