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Kimberly Tenner
November 28, 2019

African Mango Edge Review

African Mango Edge

The makers of African Mango Edge are capitalizing on the rising popularity of African mango. They claim that this diet pill has a potent dose of the clinically-proven ingredient that can help you lose weight safely and naturally.

Using a proven ingredient in a strong dose is good, but African Mango Edge needs to use other ingredients to be really effective. Leading diet pill Apidextra has 4 clinically proven ingredients; including African mango. If African Mango Edge can match the Apidextra formula in power, it will be an effective diet pill.

The Benefits of African Mango Edge

African Mango Edge puts so much focus on African mango that it’s easy to get distracted. Who wouldn’t be? But truth be told, there is something else we want to know. We want to know if African Mango Edge has any other ingredients and we want to know how if the clinically proven doses are being used.

On the official website, we did find a reference to two other ingredients: green tea and Razberi-K. The way these ingredients were mentioned, makes us think that there are other ingredients in the diet pill, but we have no idea what they are.

Nowhere on the site could we find information about the doses that are being used. However, the site does mention that 150 mg is the amount that is supposed to be used.

Cost & Guarantee

The lowest online price for African Mango Edge is $36. On the official site, it costs $49.99. There is a graphic which mentions a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, but the retailers don’t go into detail about it. If you can’t get a guarantee from the official site, there is no reason to pay the higher price for African Mango Edge.

Is African Mango Edge Safe?

In itself, African mango is a safe ingredient. Most people who use it in the recommended amount don’t experience side effects. Since we don’t know what other ingredients are used, we can’t promise that the product as a whole will be safe.


Using African mango is smart, on the part of the African Mango Edge manufacturers. It’s a powerful, clinically proven ingredient that can suppress appetite and stimulate faster weight loss. They’ve even taken care to use the seeds, which are the part of the fruit that promote weight loss. But we have to say, we’re very disappointed about how little information is presented on the official website.

Before consumers pay $36-$50 for a diet pill, they should know exactly what they’re getting. With African Mango Edge, we have no idea what you’re getting or if you’re getting enough of it.

There are no secrets in the formula of Apidextra. On the official website of this diet pill, you can see every clinically proven ingredient that it uses. Customer reviews of Apidextra further show that it is the top-rated diet pill for a reason.

When you purchase Apidextra from the official website, you get a discounted price and a 90-day money back guarantee.

If you want a powerful African mango diet pill, we recommend that you try Apidextra instead of African Mango Edge.

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