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Kimberly Tenner
November 29, 2019

African Mango Extreme Review

African Mango Extreme

African Mango. You may have heard of it. Since a certain Oprah guest endorsed this weight loss ingredient, it’s actually been quite famous. It demands its own limo to star venues these days…

Packed full of fiber, African Mango—or Irvingia Gabonensis is a weight loss powerhouse. It cleans you out, eliminating any “weight waste” you may have, causing you to feel lighter and healthier overall. It also suppresses appetite.

Claiming to harness the power of this important fruit is African Mango Extreme. This product utilizes African mango and other weight loss ingredients to help you lose weight in a natural way.

But can this super fruit fad actually deliver? We’ll look at this product a bit more closely and help you decide.

African Mango Overview

African mango is a multi-functioning weight loss ingredient, as both a fat burner and a cleanser. But that’s not the best part. African Mango also suppresses the appetite two ways:

• Swells within the stomach to make you feel fuller faster—and for longer.
• Controls Leptin, a protein in your fat cells that regulates fat storage. Too much Leptin can lead to over-eating. So African Mango is a powerful appetite suppressant.

African Mango Extreme Claims

Here are the African Mango Extreme claims:

• Studies suggest that African Mango fights fat cell growth and breaks down fat stores in your body!
• Safely lose pounds and inches Fast! A powerful source of free-radical fighting antioxidants!
• Eliminates harmful waste and toxins from your body!
• Increases your metabolism which aids in burning calories!
• Dr. Oz says African Mango is a must have supplement for weight loss!

The African Mango Extreme Formula

African Mango Extreme contains only two ingredients. This diet pill boasts very little information, unfortunately.

Here’s what we found out:

Irvingia gabonensis—the star of the show—African Mango. Benefits are endless, including lowering blood pressure and cholesterol levels. But of course, the benefit we’re really interested in is its appetite suppressing properties.
Acai–the superfruit with attitude! Contains high levels of antioxidants, protein, fibers and amino acids. Super healthy for you, but not beneficial to weight loss.
Hoodia Gordonii–a pretty famous appetite suppressant, Hoodia is more “hoopla” than fact. The company who bought rights to much of South Africa’s hoodia actually halted plans to create an appetite suppressant supplement because of lack of results.
Gymnema Sylvestre–an herb that helps regulate blood sugar so sugary snack cravings are decreased. There is no evidence to back it as a weight loss ingredient.

So basically, you’re relying solely on the power of African Mango in this formula. Unfortunately without ingredient dosage you’re in the dark as far as effectiveness is concerned.

Let us just say this—an effective African Mango dose is at least 150 mg. Here’s hoping you receive it in African Mango Extreme.

Conclusion on African Mango Extreme

While African mango has proven beneficial qualities, it’s difficult for us to judge the ingredients other than knowing they’re in a “proprietary blend”—which itself is not good news. Blends hide ineffective ingredient quantities—usually on purpose.

African Mango Extreme is pretty inexpensive at around $19.98 for 60 caps (a one-month’s supply), but shop for the cheapest price you can get because you’re probably not going to receive a refund.

Overall, African mango itself is a good weight loss bet, but we think you might be able to find products that use it more effectively than this one does.

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