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Kimberly Tenner
November 29, 2019

African Mango Pure Review

African Mango Pure

Trimming off excess weight, building a tighter body, and supporting a healthy metabolism is not out of reach. Based on the studies we have seen on African mango, all of these benefits are possible, with a healthy diet and exercise plan of course. So when African Mango Pure highlights all of these supposed benefits, we can see where they are going. Makers are not totally off base, and African Mango Pure could join at least 20 African mango fat burners that might actually be effective diet pills.

Does African Mango Pure Really Promote Clinically Proven Weight Loss?

We don’t actually know what ingredients African Mango Pure has. Makers tell us that African Mango Pure has African mango. How can you really miss the name? However, we don’t know if African Mango Pure has green tea, evodiamine, garcinia cambogia, green coffee bean, or any other clinically proven fat burner. Truth be told, we don’t even know if African Mango Pure has the clinically proven amounts of African mango.

What would it take? According to multiple studies, you would only need a mere 150mg of African mango to lose more weight. To give you an idea of what you could expect, one study on just 150mg of African mango showed that subjects were able to lose an average of 28.1 pounds in just 10 weeks! Weight loss with African Mango Pure should be easy.

The problem is that once again, African Mango Pure doesn’t actually tell us anything. $10 diet pills use the clinically proven 150mg of African mango, and yet we have no way of verifying that African Mango Pure does the same. Pathetic we know, but that’s how things roll.

The Price & “Trial Offer”

Any time you see a box that says something like “tell us where to send your bottle” with boxes for your personal information, you should be wary. Any time you don’t know exactly how much you’re spending before you tell the company all about yourself, you should be wary. These are signs of a “free trial offer”, which taints even the best of diet pills.

A “free trial offer” is a fancy and appealing way to draw you in without actually giving you the information you need. You pay for shipping and handling, they get your credit card number, and you are signed up for an auto ship. Before you know what hit you, you find a package in the mail and a $69.99 mystery charge on your credit card statement.

The company tells the credit card company that you made an informed decision. They disclosed all of the details in 5 point font in the fine print that nobody actually reads! Obviously, this doesn’t fly with most consumers.

Generally speaking, companies use “free trial offers” to trick you. In this case, why would you pay $70 for a diet pill that is supposedly based on an undisclosed amount of African mango when you can get 1200mg of African mango for $10? Why would you pay this much when there are diet pills that use African mango and _____(another clinically proven ingredient) available for $30 or $40? You wouldn’t. Most people don’t want to spend $70 on a 30 day supply of anything these days. We don’t see African Mango Pure as an exception to this rule.

Should You Buy African Mango Pure?

You can spend $70 a month if you want. The auto ship starts 2 weeks after you place your first order, just so you know. We just don’t see the point. African Mango Pure fails to provide basic and essential information such as the ingredients, the amounts, etc. Because of this secrecy, we have a hard time believing anything that the makers of African Mango Pure say, and we are not the only ones.

We have seen a number of complaints about the sales tactics and the formula from dieters who seem to believe that they have given African Mango Pure every chance. Ultimately, every report seems to indicate that African Mango Pure fails. Dieters could be wrong, but the way we see it, the odds are not good.

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