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Kimberly Tenner
November 30, 2019

Awe-Slim Review


Awe-Slim is based around collagen. But it also uses chromium, CLA, super citrimax, and stevia among others. Like their predecessor, Calorad, they would like you to think that collagen is a revolutionary fat burning ingredient. But the truth is that in itself, collagen does not promote weight loss. They do use CLA. But CLA requires about 4500mg to produce the kinds of results they’re talking about, and they hide a number of their ingredients under a proprietary blend, making it unlikely that Awe-Slim could contain enough.

Overall Impression of Awe-Slim:

If Awe-Slim were to stick to one idea(i.e. ingredients like CLA, omega fatty acids, etc)and actually reveal the quantities of each ingredient, we might be more impressed. However, they base their advertising on one basically ineffective ingredient and then try to spread themselves across every possible approach to weight loss.

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