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Kimberly Tenner
November 30, 2019

Betastax Review


We are not actually sure which “main ingredient” they are talking about. It could be CLA, except for the fact that CLA has always been tested with a dose of 3000mg for fat loss and 4500mg for lean muscle maintenance. Advantra-Z requires about 25mg, but has not been tested on a group of 50 women. Caffeine anhydrous requires about 300mg. And none of the other ingredients really have anything to do with weight loss at all. So we would be curious to know which ingredient this is, if the study even exists(they don’t cite it). In addition, they pack all these ingredients into a small 768mg proprietary blend that doesn’t even cover the best fat loss ingredient they do have.


Betastax is not safe to take if:

  • You have a pre-existing medical condition or a family history of medical conditions such as heart, liver, or kidney disease
  • You have caffeine sensitivities
  • You have high blood pressure
  • You have a liver condition
  • You are using an MAO Inhibitor
  • You suffer from glaucoma

Possible Side Effects

  • Insomnia and over stimulation
  • Diarrhea
  • irregular heart beat and dizziness
  • vomiting and headaches
  • anxiety
  • panic attacks
  • high blood pressure
  • reduced blood circulation to heart
  • heart attack or stroke

Overall Impression of Betastax:

Betastax is a weak formula with no real promise to promote any fat loss. There is a reason they tell you that Betastax is meant for those who are already serious about weight loss. Those people will generally lose weight anyway. However, most would also be conscious enough to realize that Betastax isn’t actually helping them to lose more weight than they would without it. So we would not suggest this product to anyone.

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