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Kimberly Tenner
November 28, 2019

BMR Commander Review

BMR Commander

1st Phorm says its product BMR Commander “is the most advanced thermogenic fat burning supplement EVER formulated.”

BMR Commander is said to increase the utilization of calories to boost metabolism and eliminate fat. Consumers can also expect a curbed appetite, a lack of sweet and salty cravings, and increased mental alertness.

“And the energy? BOOM! You’re going to feel amazing!” says one advertisement.

Let’s find out what’s in BMR Commander and see if it fulfills these bold claims.

BMR Commander, BMI Commander—What’s The Difference?

A company representative for 1st Phorm informed me BMR Commander and BMI Commander have the same formula, with only the name being different. The representative explained having the name “BMR” created a conflict with another company marketing a product with the same name.


As BMR is formulated with the same ingredients as BMI, I examined the latter product’s ingredients to write this review. Each capsule contains 695 mg and is comprised of 3 proprietary blends. Descriptions of several potent ingredients are provided below.

Caffeine. Consuming caffeine heightens metabolic rate, yet its effect is short-lived. Experts note “this heightening of the metabolic rate is fairly well studied, but long term interventions in humans with caffeine tend to suggest caffeine is not a good long-term fat loss agent.” About 200 mg is typically used for inducing weight loss. [1] One capsule could contain anywhere from 100-250 mg caffeine, so it likely creates some weight loss effect.

Hordenine. This substance is used as a stimulant and fat burner because of its association with tyramine and noradrenaline, but there’s insufficient evidence to support its usage as a nutritional supplement. [2]

Choline Bitartrate. When taken in acute dosage (1-2 g), choline reaches the brain to “increase focus, muscle contraction potency, and potentially memory formation.” [3] This amount is more than what’s found in one capsule of BMR Commander, so the cognitive-enhancing effect is likely much less.

Dimethylethanolamine (DMAE). DMAE is a necessary ingredient to build choline, which aids brain functioning. When combined with other vitamins and minerals, and dosed at 300-2000 mg, DMAE is “possibly effective” for improving exercise performance. [4] But, as the second ingredient listed in a proprietary blend of 237 mg, there is likely too little in BMR Commander to generate this effect.

Green Tea (75% Catechins). Green tea is fairly effective for inducing weight loss, and scientists attribute this effect to its catechin content.

In a study done on overweight Chinese men, dosages of 30, 460, and 886 mg catechins were administered for 90 days. Those in the highest-consuming group experienced the largest amount of weight loss, and those taking 460 mg lost more than those taking 30 mg catechins. The scientists concluded consumption of green tea improves body composition and reduces abdominal fat. [5]

Coleous Forskohli (20% Forskolin). The chemical forskolin widens blood vessels and produces a more powerful heartbeat, ultimately lowering blood pressure. However, there is insufficient evidence it treats obesity. [6]

Green Coffee Bean. In a small, 22-week study, 16 overweight individuals taking green coffee bean lost an average 17 lbs. while maintaining normal diet and exercise habits. The two dosages administered were a 700 mg dose and a 1050 mg dose. [7]

Dr. Joe Vinson, who lead the study, thinks green coffee bean’s chlorogenic acid induced this weight loss effect. This chemical may create “some effect on keeping down glucose absorption.” [7]

While green coffee may have weight loss potential, one capsule contains less than 150 mg. I’m not sure if the amount in BMR Commander has any notable effect.

Guarana Seed Extract. WebMD experts explain guarana may promote weight loss, but scientists are uncertain whether guarana is responsible or its caffeine content. There are not enough scientific studies to determine the appropriate dosage for promoting weight loss. [8]

How To Use BMR Commander

On the product label, consumers are encouraged to first assess tolerance before taking a full dose.

Tolerant Assessment Phase. Begin by taking 1 capsule (1 serving) in the morning with 16 oz. water on an empty stomach 30-45 minutes before your first meal or shake. If no major side effects arise after 5 hours, take another capsule.

Regular Dosing. After tolerating the initial phase, consumers are allowed to consume 4 capsules daily but should not take more than 2 capsules in a 5-hour period. Consumers are warned to not exceed recommended use.

1st Phorm also recommends drinking at least 130 oz. water over the course of the day when taking BMR Commander.

Do not take it after 3 pm, as it may cause sleeplessness.

Also, users should cycle 5 days on and 2 days off and cycle 12 weeks on and 2 weeks off.


The BMR Commander label warns users with the following:

• Only to be used by healthy adults ages 21-55
• Consult with a physician before taking
• Do not use with any other products containing synephrine or phenylephrine
• Do not use if you have pre-existing medical conditions
• Do not use if you’re taking over-the-counter drugs containing stimulants or any medications
• Do not use if you are pregnant, nursing, prone to dehydration, or exposed to excessive heat or have an allergy to iodine
• Discontinue use immediately and call a physician if you experience chest pain, tremors, dizziness, severe headaches, or shortness of breath

Side Effects

Because BMR Commander is a propriety blend, identifying potential side effects is a challenge.

Caffeine is the first ingredient listed in a propriety blend of 6 ingredients containing 295 mg. Based on this information, there is probably about 100-250 mg caffeine in one capsule. If 4 capsules are consumed in one day, the amount of caffeine ingested could be anywhere from 400-1000 mg.

According to Mayo Clinic, 100-200 mg/d is tolerable but 500-600 mg/d a day is excessive. An excessive amount of caffeine leads to insomnia, nervousness, restlessness, and irritability. [9]

Consequently, it’s imperative to follow the usage instructions exactly to reduce side effect risk.

Consumer Reviews

There are many consumer reviews of BMR Commander online—all of which are positive. It should be noted these reviews are only found on promotional sites for 1stPhorm, which means the reviews may be biased and may not accurately reflect consumer experiences with the product.

Also, all of these reviews seem to be about the BMR Go Pack, which includes the Thyro-Drive and the Downtime PM with BMR Commander.

Here a couple of reviews on

“The BMR Commander Go Pack has been working really good for me. I have been able to lose almost 15 pounds in just the first month! I really don’t have a lot of time to hit the gym like I used to, and my kids all have sports that I have to take them to. While I’ve been using the BMR Commander Go Pack I’ve been able to resist hitting fast food chains in-between their games and have had plenty of focus and energy! My wife and I have started this all together and she is down almost 10 pounds as well on the BMR Bliss Go Pack!” —Jim H., Brentwood, TN

“I have done great on the appetite control since starting the BMR Commander Go Pack. This was probably the biggest thing for me, not to mention being able to sit and focus during the day compared to being on the go twenty four seven. The BMR Commander Go Pack is awesome for giving me the energy I need throughout the day and cutting down the belly fat I’ve put on over the last couple years. I have done great and dropped about 12 pounds since using the BMR Commander Go Pack and I don’t plan on stopping now!” —Tyler S., Little Rock, AR,

Purchasing BMR Commander

BMR Commander is now sold as “BMI Commander” and retails at two online locations:

• – $78.99 plus $6.20 for shipping
• – $54.09 plus $6.20 for shipping

Both sites promise a 110%, no-hassle, money-back guarantee. In other words, consumers who are not satisfied should return the unused portion of the product with the receipt to receive 100% of their money back plus an extra 10% of the price.

About the Manufacturer

1st Phorm is a health supplement company based near St. Louis, MI. It carries products specific to men and women and which focus on weight loss and anabolic development.

The company fails to proofread its written content, however. In addition to multiple grammatical errors on its website, the BMR Commander Supplement Fact label has one ingredient spelled “Coleous Forskohli” when it should be “Coleus Forskohlii.” Such inattention to detail does not inspire confidence in its products.


BMR Commander contains ingredients proven to have weight loss potency, and those who consume it may experience positive results.

But, with its long warning list and the potential side effects with caffeine, BMR Commander may cause more harm than good. It’s also difficult to know whether the product is effective when consumer reviews are biased and unreliable.

Taking this into consideration, BMR Commander’s expensive price tag may make choosing a different product a better option.


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