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Kimberly Tenner
November 29, 2019

BodyMedia Review


BodyMedia is an armband, and while it will always look awkward, you don’t want something that will itch, cause allergic reactions, or otherwise be uncomfortable. With this in mind, BodyMedia is easy to adjust. It works to count your steps and measure your motion while simultaneously measuring the intensity and your body temperature. This is how it determines how many calories you burn.

But if you want it to measure how many calories you have eaten, you have to plug it in yourself, typically using the smartphone app provided. If you put it in accurately with sauce and all, BodyMedia can tell how many calories you’ve eaten and what kind of diet you are following. According to reports, it’s comfortable enough.

Is It Accurate?

I conducted a test, and as far as how far I walked, it matched my own calculations on how many steps I took during any given workout. The calorie measurements varied. But the actual step count remains accurate as long as you keep it charged. Again, if you are honest about it, the diet calorie count is also pretty accurate.

Overall Assessment

I find that BodyMedia is a pretty easy way to keep track of my activity and my habits: both good and bad. But I’ve found LoseIt on the iPhone to be just as effective. Yes, I had to put in my own exercise stats and it didn’t measure my sleep patterns. But the measurements are about the same. The accuracy is about the same. The only difference is that the cheapest price on BodyMedia is about $175, and most smartphone apps are free.

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