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Kimberly Tenner
November 28, 2019

Calogel Review


Calogel is made up of four ingredients including collagen protein, aloe vera, lecithin, and safflower oil. All of the ingredients in Calogel are entirely stimulant free and for most, side effect free. Collagen is their main active ingredient, which they claim works with the body to naturally balance its systems, helping you to achieve consistent and lasting results. But this is not so. Collagen is a natural element found in skin which has never been suggested to promote weight loss results. It keeps skin toned and tightened. But it does not burn fat, suppress appetite, etc. Other ingredients found in Calogel such as aloe vera work to heal the lining of the stomach and heal the skin of damage. Safflower oil has also been known to be rich in good healthy fatty acids, which improve cholesterol and skin at the same time. But again, they are incapable of promoting more significant weight loss results.

Overall Impression Of Calogel

Calogel acts as a well advertised formula for stimulant free weight loss as you sleep. They have just a few basic ingredients, claiming that these provide you with the secret that you may have missed out on all along. But, while there are stimulant free ingredients can promote weight loss and these ingredients are certain stimulant free, they are not one and the same. None of these ingredients have demonstrated a propensity toward fat burning or other weight loss results, and they continue to disappoint for most consumers. Calogel may seem appealing at first, and why not? It’s stimulant free, and they have a new idea that nobody else has really used. Nobody else uses collagen, because it does not promote weight loss, and it is clear that Calogel does not have any other ingredients that will promote real weight loss results.

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