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Kimberly Tenner
November 29, 2019

Capsipure Review


Based almost entirely on something called capsicum, Capsipure relies mostly on the benefits of the (stimulant free) cayenne pepper. Cayenne pepper has been studied for years, and actually, scientists seem to compare just about every other stimulant free fat burner to it, holding it up to a pretty high standard considering all of the great fat burners that have emerged recently.

Capsicum on its own can increase natural metabolism, and it can be used to burn more fat, though the general consensus seems to be it adding up to about 278 extra calories per day, which is equivalent to a small or medium bag of fries. Most of the results you see will be based on your dieting habits.

Were Capsipure on the other hand to use a formula that has other ingredients, such as green tea for example, which we have seen in the past, it could promote more substantial weight loss results. If you are counting on Capsipure being stimulant free, that would obviously defeat the whole point. However, if you want more significant weight loss results, Capsipure has to have something else.

What is in Capsipure?

Capsipure uses a simple blend that we have seen a few times before including capsicum, black pepper extract, and niacin. Some add in other ingredients such as acai for example, but this is what seems to be the base of most capsicum products. These ingredients are partly healthy and partly helpful in other ways. For example, black pepper extract or bioperine is used mostly to make other ingredients more effective. However, many still consider it an essential ingredient to any good diet pill.

Overall, the research seems to back Capsipure’s main ingredient capsicum. The results are mild, but some people just need that little extra kick to really get going and to lose more weight. With this in mind, we don’t expect Capsipure to help you to lose 30 pounds in 30 days, that’s not really something we expect from any product. However, we do expect a measureable difference that adds up over time.

Capsipure Side Effects?

Because Capsipure doesn’t have caffeine, ingredients like yohimbine, or testosterone boosters for example, we don’t expect to see any serious side effects. Obviously, there are certain cases of side effects with something like Capsipure, mostly because some people are allergic to some of the ingredients. However, based on our research so far, it doesn’t seem like a huge threat.

Is Capsipure a Recommended Product?

Capsipure uses a blend of ingredients that is capable of healthy fat burning results. We could see Capsipure going a long way with those that are already ready to make the commitment to healthier living in general. However, if you want more extreme results, you will have to find a product that has more extreme or at least more powerful ingredients.

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