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Kimberly Tenner
November 30, 2019

Carb Intercept 3 Review

Carb Intercept 3

The starch found in carbohydrates is usually broken down into glucose and stored as fat. That’s why we’re told to limit our carb intake.

But that’s easier said than done. The American diet is heavy on carbs, from breads to pastas to potatoes to sweets.

What if there was a way to reduce dietary starch digestion and help your body metabolize fats and proteins for energy?

Carb Intercept 3 claims to do just that. When taken before a starchy meal, it promises to burn calories and metabolize the fat. Let’s explore whether it really does.

Carb Intercept 3 Ingredients

Carb Intercept 3 includes a few key ingredients:

White kidney bean extract – said to slow digestion and block carbs from entering the bloodstream, thus helping reduce fat storage.

However, whether this aids in significant weight loss is debatable. In one study, obese adults who received a product with white bean extract lost an average of 3.79 pounds during an 8 week period. This result shows weight loss but is not dramatic. [1]

Chromium – found in natural sources such as broccoli and whole wheat English muffins, chromium enhances insulin action. This aids in metabolism as well as carb, fat, and protein storage.

Chromium reduces food intake, hunger levels, and fat cravings, as well as decreases body fat. [2]

Adults need between 25 and 35 mcg chromium a day, and just 2 capsules of Carb Intercept 3 provide 30 mcg.

Green tea extract – the antioxidant in green tea is supposed to decrease appetite and increase calorie and fat metabolism. One study found green tea extract to reduce body weight, especially for those who were already high caffeine consumers. [3] Side effects could include dizziness, insomnia, and nausea.

Caffeine – a common ingredient in weight loss supplements, caffeine increases energy and aids in weight loss. But too much caffeine can cause insomnia, stomach irritation, and headache, and can also cause changes in blood pressure and heart rate.

The recommended caffeine dosages for weight loss purposes are 200 mg 3 times a day. The supplement facts list that 2 Carb Intercept 3 capsules contain 75 mg caffeine. But it’s unclear whether the caffeine from green tea extract is included in that amount. It’s also debatable whether the caffeine amount in Carb Intercept 3 is really useful in weight loss. Be careful if you are already a heavy caffeine drinker or if your body is not used to caffeine.

Carb Intercept 3 Reviews

The product seems to affect everyone differently. Eliane Falcao says on “It’s a matter of discipline. If you eat two portions of carbohydrates per meal Phase 3 works.” However, Tovah’s Mom says, “. . . these pills caused my depletion of oxygen and racing heart.” Tovah’s Mom’s experience shows that it’s important to be very careful about the caffeine intake in Carb Intercept 3.

Carb Intercept 3 Dosage

The directions say to take 2 capsules, twice daily, with a meal. It’s important to take Carb Intercept 3 right before eating a meal containing starch so that it can be effective in metabolizing the starch.

Purchase Carb Intercept 3

Natrol Inc., the Carb Intercept 3 manufacturer, is a reliable vitamin supplement company that has also produced other Carb Intercept versions. Carb Intercept 3 is available on Natrol’s website for $23.99. This seems to be a reasonable price, but with the 4 capsule dose per day, the 30 serving supply will be gone within 15 days. Thus, it may be pricey to keep up with it.

Fortunately, Carb Intercept 3 is also found for less at the following locations:
• $10.99
• $9.50
• 4AllVitamins: $11.89
• $11.99
• Walgreens: $9.79

Should You Purchase Carb Intercept 3?

Carb Intercept 3 is fairly affordable and has a very specific mission: help with carb digestion. Thus, it may prove useful, especially if you don’t want to worry about that extra fat that comes with too many carbs.

However, a main ingredient, white kidney bean extract, is not proven to be significantly effective in weight loss. Although Carb Intercept 3 is supposed to be the easy way to prevent fat storage from carbs, the more effective way may be simply to reduce carb intake.


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