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Kimberly Tenner
November 28, 2019

Carborid Review


Carborid ingredients include chromium picolinate, phaseolamin, fenugreek, gymnema sylvestre, green tea, galangal rhizome extract, cinnamon twig extract, banaba leaf extract, and vanadium.

We see one commonly used carb blocker. The rest have no application to weight loss or they are found in such small amounts as to be completely inconsequential. And the one carb blocker, phaseolus vulgaris, requires at least 1000mg for that kind of effect. They use 500mg. Their only other promise in promoting weight loss is green tea, which causes caffeine related weight loss. But they stuff it into a proprietary blend containing all of 200mg total, when you need at least 400mg green tea to promote weight loss.


Carborid is not safe to take if:

  • You have a pre-existing medical condition such as heart disease
  • You have a family history of medical conditions such as heart disease
  • You have caffeine sensitivities
  • You have high blood pressure
  • You have a liver condition
  • You are using an MAO Inhibitor
  • You suffer from glaucoma

Possible Side Effects

  • Insomnia
  • Diarrhea
  • irregular heart beat
  • dizziness
  • vomiting
  • headache
  • loss of appetite
  • raised blood pressure
  • increased heart rate

Overall Impression of Carborid:

Carborid is really just another product claiming to be something it’s not. They use one novelty ingredient that is supposed to block carb absorption by the body. However, their use of Phaselus Vulgaris requires much more to have the effect that is promised by Carborid. Instead, they use only half the required amount. This essentially means that you are not going to get the full results you are looking for. So, if you are relying on Carborid to help you lose weight, you may have completely different results.

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