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Kimberly Tenner
November 28, 2019

Cupuacu Pure Review

Cupuacu Pure

Cupuacu Pure’s website points out the fairly recent media attention focusing on the little-known Brazilian fruit cupuacu. The website even acknowledges consumers are justified in questioning cupuacu’s efficacy because of this media attention.

Not surprisingly, though, the website assures consumers, “there are all kinds of studies and research that have been done to prove just how effective cupuacu can be.” These studies—which aren’t named—are meant to assure customers they’ll lose weight and experience other health benefits by taking Cupuacu Pure.

It’s true cupuacu has received some media praise for its antioxidants. But can a cupuacu diet pill like Cupuacu Pure really create weight loss? I took a closer look to find out.

Advertised Benefits

Cupuacu Pure’s website has a long list of alleged benefits produced by this diet pill. Some of these include:

• Increased metabolism
• Suppressed appetite
• Improved skin appearance
• Enhanced organ function
• Decreased inflammation
• Lowered blood pressure and cholesterol
• Improved short-term memory

Even with this long list of potential benefits, Cupuacu Pure is said to most directly enhance weight loss efforts. Like most diet pills, Cupuacu Pure supposedly works through a combination of fat burning and fat cell formation inhibition.

Cupuacu Pure’s advertised benefits seem appealing on several levels. First, Cupuacu Pure is an all-natural diet pill, which people usually equate with product safety. Second, the promise of benefits beyond weight loss makes Cupuacu Pure seem like a cure-all.

However, Cupuacu Pure needs strong evidence to prove it provides all these benefits. And, since weight loss is the main advertised benefit, the strongest evidence must prove Cupuacu Pure induces weight loss.

Ingredient Efficacy

Cupuacu Pure’s makers promise many benefits from this pill. In contrast, Cupuacu Pure contains only one known ingredient.

That ingredient is cupuacu, a South American fruit related to cacao. Research on cupuacu is limited. However, cupuacu contains several antioxidants which may provide some positive effects.

Let’s take a more in-depth look at cupuacu’s antioxidants and other components.

Quercetin is an antioxidant associated with treating heart and circulatory system conditions. [1] In one study, mice fed quercetin had a decrease in fat cells. [2] Human studies of quercetin for fat loss are severely lacking, however.

Catechins are another antioxidant. Several studies link them to weight loss. [3]

But, these studies almost exclusively used green tea, which is high in catechins. Cupuacu doesn’t necessarily contain the same catechins amount or potency as green tea. Consequently, cupuacu might not create the same effects as green tea.

Niacin is another name for vitamin B3. Niacin is required for dozens of body processes, including energy and hormone production. [4]

Theacrine is an organic molecule with anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving effects. [5] Theacrine is also related to caffeine. [6] But, theacrine isn’t yet proven to aid weight loss like caffeine.

Cupuacu Pure’s antioxidants and other elements seem beneficial for general health. But, none of them are proven to enhance weight loss.

Similarly, research on cupuacu itself is limited and not related to weight loss. Consequently, cupuacu’s weight loss effects are still a mystery.

Possible Side Effects

Cupuacu Pure’s website states several times this diet pill causes no side effects. Unfortunately, cupuacu scientific trials are insufficient to confirm this claim.

But, cupuacu the fruit is often processed and included in foods such as ice cream, juice, or other sweets. [7] These uses suggest cupuacu is generally well tolerated.

Consumer Feedback

Five consumer testimonials are available on All five enthusiastically report losing weight using Cupuacu Pure. Several even proclaim it worked better than regular exercise or other diet programs.

These reviews suggest Cupuacu Pure lives up to its weight loss claims. But, five reviews are not enough to convince me Cupuacu Pure induces weight loss in everyone.

Price is the only place to buy Cupuacu Pure. A one-month supply costs $37 and comes with 1 free bottle. A two-month supply costs $67 and comes with 2 free bottles. A three-month supply costs $97 and comes with 4 free bottles.

Return Policy

Cupuacu Pure’s makers offer a 100% money-back guarantee. The product website promises requests for refunds are accepted without hassle.

Cupuacu Pure’s money-back guarantee sounds nice. But, because the website doesn’t provide many details about the terms and conditions of this return policy, I’m not sure how much to trust it.

Usage Instructions

One daily dose of Cupuacu Pure is 2 pills. Take one in the morning and one at night.

Each Cupuacu Pure tablet is 250 mg. states this is the dose recommended by health professionals. However, the site offers no further insight into why this dose is the most efficacious.


The good news is Cupuacu Pure contains several antioxidants and nutrients. These chemicals make Cupuacu Pure a safe, natural health supplement.

While Cupuacu Pure’s components likely have some health benefits, however, weight loss doesn’t seem to be one of them. Scientific research on cupuacu has yet to confirm this fruit’s weight loss power.

Yes, a small number of women have reportedly lost weight using Cupuacu Pure. Even so, their testimonials are not convincing enough to make up for the lack of research.


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