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Kimberly Tenner
November 28, 2019

Diet Myths Revealed

Diet myths permeate our culture like polyester does fashion. Today we are going to unveil some of these and expose these falsities for the old wives’ tales they are.

Reducing Caloric Intake By Skipping Meals

Its simple science: reducing caloric intake and increasing caloric burn will help you lose weight. But starving your body for prolonged periods of time will only do more harm than good. When your body goes into starvation mode, your body boosts its cortisol levels. Cortisol is the hormone responsible for burning muscle, and storing fat, which is great during times of actual starvation when your body needs to survive on nothing…but not so good for dieters.

When your body burns its muscle and stores fat—well, you know the story. You begin gaining more weight as soon as you start eating regularly again. This is why so many people limbo while dieting. Eating consistently but in smaller portions is key to reducing caloric intake. Ensuring you account for every calorie—meaning each calorie is nutrient dense—is the most important aspect of dieting.

Cardio Is the Best Way to Slim Down

It’s true. Cardio will get you slim. But the results are temporary because if you aren’t lifting weight and building your dense muscle tissue, than pairing down your body will be a temporary feat. Muscle tissue is what burns calories in your body, and cardio doesn’t generally do a great job at building it.

Lifting Weight Makes You Bulky

This is probably the most common myth out there. But talk to any athlete and you’ll find out that it’s a huge lie. The truth is: you aren’t going to bulk up lifting weights unless that is your ultimate intention. It takes a lot of work to build muscle the way that bodybuilders do. For those who are trying to slim down, lifting weights actually allows you to change the SHAPE of your body. The implications of this are huge, because for those who struggle balancing out a pear-shape or apple figure, lifting weights is the only way you’re going to change.

Cardio will make you slimmer—but it won’t change your physique. Lifting weights also helps ensure longer-term results for weight-loss, because muscle is what burns calories and fat. You can’t build muscle with cardio exercise you can only strengthen muscle (which is still vital and important).

Eating Fat Will Make You Fat

This is one of the most detrimental lies you can be told, and we’ve all heard it. Eating fat will make you fat. Well, my friends, human breast-milk is made up of all-fat for a reason: its brain food. Hormones are made from fat, and nearly all neurological functions in the body implement the use of fat in their processes. Going on a fat-free diet, while low in calories, will only be harmful to your body.

Of course, not all fats were created equal. There is definitely such a thing as good fats and bad fats. The most important element when consuming fat is its purity. You want to eat fats that are not rancid, because rancid fat is chock full of free-radicals, which cause cell-damage throughout the body.

Eating healthy fats (they’re supposed to make up for 35% of your diet) will actually lower your appetite and help you lose weight. Fat is also nutrient dense, full of vitamins and other wonderful qualities. We recommend using olive oil, coconut oil, and other nutrient dense oils that are high in omegas 3, 6, and 9.

The Skinny Truth

Always question things you hear. There are studies done on these issues. Don’t be afraid to try a new concept, even if it goes against what you’ve been taught to think. You may end up realizing the perfect solution to your weight-loss and health goals by trying something you’d never thought of.

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