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Kimberly Tenner
December 1, 2019

Different Diets: the Popular, the Trendy and the Ridiculous

Promising to help you lose 2-3 pounds a day, the K-E Diet might sound like the next diet you want on your weight-loss-resume. But when you hear that you have to eat through your nose for a week and a half, you might not be as interested.

Since the K-E diet is far from the only diet that promises weight loss at only ridiculous expenses, here are some of the most popular dieting trends revealed. Find out if they really will help you lose weight, or if you’ve got a little more than your dignity on the line with these diets.

Diet Pills

Once seen as an unnecessary danger that will give you more health risks than actual results, diet pills are beginning to emerge as big players in the dieting world again.

This is largely due to the fact that there is more emphasis on clinically proven ingredients and better access for customers that are interested in researching their options before investing in a diet pill.

Each weight loss pill works in a different way, but the majority of your options are either geared towards suppressing your appetite to help you eat fewer calories, or increasing your metabolism to help you burn more calories.

Although appetite suppressants are good for people who have difficulties sticking to a healthy diet, those that increase your metabolism and help you burn fat can help you lose weight the fastest.

If you are interested in seeing what kind of options you have with diet pills, you can find the best fat burners by visiting here.

The K-E Diet

different dietsRecently popularized by soon-to-be brides looking for the next best crash diet, the K-E diet is designed to help you lose 10, 15 or even 20 pounds in as little amount of time as possible.

Rather than spending time and energy counting calories, the K-E diet outfits each dieter with a feeding tube that runs through their nose and down their esophagus into the stomach. This provides a steady drip of protein and fat mixed with water.

Allotting to just 800 calories a day, the K-E diet claims to be able to help you massively cut down on your caloric intake without causing you to be hungry or feel deprived.

However, the dieters are forced to have a tube in their nose for 10 days straight and carry the food solution with them everywhere they go.

Even though the results are pretty dramatic, they are very temporary. And dieters noticed bad breath and constipation as two major side effects.

The Happiness Diet

While so many people are spurred to diet by feelings of self-loathing, or think that the only way to lose weight is by being miserable and hungry for a few weeks or months, the Happiness diet is supposed to make you feel better about yourself before you even see the scale drop.

Mainly focused on food that give you lots of energy and keep you feeling full, the Happiness Diet is designed to mainly cut out processed foods and empty calories from your diet.

Although the Happiness diet is supposed to make losing weight easier, most dieters who have tried it complain that the foods are expensive and difficult to incorporate into their daily routines.

However, if you have more time and are have long-term weight loss as a priority, you might want to read more about the Happiness diet here.

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