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Kimberly Tenner
November 28, 2019

Do Diet Pills Work?

Miracle or Myth?

Obesity has become a problem for many (and some would say most) Americans. With less opportunity to stay active, more processed foods on the market and sleep becoming less and less of a priority, it’s hard to shed and keep off those several extra–unpleasant–pounds.
Aside from dieting and exercise, people are looking for more ways to get fit and trim. Diet pills seem to have the answer, but aren’t really effective at telling us what the answer is. People want to know: Do they work and which ones work best?

The Hype

Everyone wants to eat that little cake like Alice in Wonderland and instantly shed all their undesirable weight. But truth be told, we live in a world governed by the laws of science and the only way to lose weight is through the methods that scientists have been able to define. Thousands of weight-loss pills and nutritional supplements out there make promises unfounded in science, and as a such scam many desperate people looking for weight relief. The easiest way to recognize a diet-pill that won’t work is to see what it promises: do the results sound humanly possible? Is this a quick fix, or long term program?

The Science

Science governs three basic principles to the effectiveness of weight-loss pills: First, How do they work? Are they supposed to inhibit appetite, or slow fat absorption, etc.? Second, Do they work? Do you know someone who’s used the pill, or has there been a reliable test done of it? and Third, Is it Safe? Noone wants to end up with liver damage or cancer just to loose a little weight.

Your Doctor

which ones work?Your doctor is one of the first people you should talk to when you are even considering losing weight. The Doctor always knows best! He can counsel you in which programs would work best–and fastest–for you. He may warn you against certain weight-loss pills that could specifically be harmful to your individual health, and in the end doctors are the only ones who can prescribe weight-loss pills that really work! In the end, knowledge is power, and licensed medical professionals have the power to help you loose weight fast!

The Pills that Work

But are there any effective over-the-counter weight-loss pills? The internet is rife with them, and as mentioned before most are scams, or at least ineffective in their claims. Here are a few non-prescription weight-loss pill ingredients that merit consideration:

Orlistat, the non-prescription version of Xenical, works in the digestive tract to prevent fat-dissolving lipases from absorbing fat into the bloodstream. Orlistat is generally safe and quite effective, especially when used with a low-fat diet.

Conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) naturally found in milk and meats (especially grass-fed beef and mutton, and–oddly enough–kangaroo meat). Test have been shown that CLA has a desirable effect on wieght management, and is approved by the FDA.

Chitosan has many applications in science and engineering, and has recently found a niche in the weight-loss industry. Chitosan binds to fat in the digestive tract and pulls it out of the consumer’s system. With little fat being absorbed, the body is able to burn more fat in storage. It is also safe for human consumption and has weight losers exited everywhere.

Green Tea many Asian enthusiasts claim that, along with a plethora of other health benefits, green tea can help in weight loss. However the effects are very slight, and, when placed against tea’s side effects, aren’t worth the risk. However, for those people already green-tea drinkers, green-tea does help.

In Conclusion

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While weight-loss pills are not a stand alone miracle in solving obesity in America, they greatly multiply the effects of other weight-loss methods. With a doctor’s recommendation, some weight-loss pills may be the answer frustrated dieters are looking for!

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