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Kimberly Tenner
November 29, 2019

EAS Myoplex Lite Review

EAS Myoplex Lite

After a workout, your body is begging for some refreshment. But the last thing you want to do is counteract the effects of your exercise with a calorie-packed snack or drink.

That’s why EAS Myoplex Lite might be a good option. Each Myoplex Lite shake contains 20 grams of protein to build lean muscle after a workout. And it only has 170 calories.

Still, this doesn’t guarantee this protein drink is effective or safe. I looked closer at EAS Myoplex Lite to make sure it meets my high standards.


EAS Myoplex Lite doesn’t use a lot of inflated language to promote itself. Still, this product claims to produce four main effects:

• Build lean muscle
• Improve muscle recovery
• Increase strength
• Manage weight

These claims are pretty straightforward for a low-calorie protein shake. Whether or not EAS Myoplex Lite delivers these results depends on its ingredients.


The most important element of any protein shake is its protein sources. Along with other ingredients, EAS Myoplex Lite uses three main forms of protein.

Milk Protein Concentrate
Milk protein concentrate contains high percentages of the proteins found naturally in milk, namely casein and whey protein. Milk protein concentrate also has lower lactose levels than milk itself.

Soy Protein Isolate
Protein isolates are the purest forms of protein available. Soy protein isolate usually contains 90 percent protein or even higher, so it’s an excellent low-calorie protein source.

Pea Protein Concentrate
Pea protein concentrate is another good protein source because it contains no cholesterol. Pea proteins are thought to mix well and have a pleasant taste.

Corn Maltodextrin
Corn maltodextrin is not a protein but an easily digestible carbohydrate. Corn maltodextrin has fewer calories than table sugar.

The variety of proteins in EAS Myoplex Lite means the body can absorb more proteins at once, a plus for a protein shake. But I still need to look at the nutrition facts to know the whole story behind EAS Myoplex Lite.

Nutrition Facts

The nutrition facts for EAS Myoplex Lite reflect positively on this meal replacement shake for the most part, but they also raise a few questions. I like that all of the flavors have only 170 calories but still hold 20 grams of protein, as advertised.

But those 20 grams of protein are matched exactly by 20 grams of carbs. Those carbohydrates are split between 4 grams of sugar, 3 grams of fiber, and 13 grams of something else. That something else is probably mostly the corn maltodextrin. Many health conscious consumers like to limit consumption of this sweetener and filler, so having such a large quantity in this meal replacement shake is disappointing.

Customer Reviews

Consumer reviews of EAS Myoplex Lite generally praise it. People report using as a filling snack or even small meal replacement. Most flavors are also reported as having better flavor than other protein meal replacement shakes, although several people disliked the Strawberry Cream flavor.

On the negative side, I couldn’t find anyone who reported losing weight with this shake. Granted, not all consumers use protein shakes to drop pounds. One male reviewer actually said this is a great product “for someone who’s looking to put on weight and gain muscle.” He wanted that result, but not everyone will.

Directions For Use

EAS Myoplex Lite has two basic uses. Because of its high protein content, EAS Myoplex Lite works best as a post-workout drink for helping with muscle recovery. For this use, drink an EAS Myoplex Lite shake 30 minutes after exercising.

EAS Myoplex Lite also works as an appetite suppressing snack or a meal replacement. It is recommended as a meal replacement mostly for people following a diet plan that involves 5 or 6 small meals.


EAS Myoplex Lite is a fairly popular diet shake, which means it is available to purchase on quite a few websites. sells 4 shakes for $6.96. Most websites sell EAS Myoplex Lite in 24 packs. sells 24 for $41.76 and sells 24 for $49.99. Interested consumers should shop around and decide what price works best for them.


EAS Myoplex Lite seems best suited to helping people decrease muscle recovery time and to encouraging lean muscle growth. And to get these effects, people obviously need to exercise regularly. It also might provide light appetite suppression as a meal replacement or snack. But I couldn’t find any indication of how long EAS Myoplex Lite keeps hunger at bay.

Overall, I’m not convinced EAS Myoplex Lite is the best or least expensive product available for muscle recovery or meal replacement.

EAS Myoplex Lite Customer Reviews

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