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Kimberly Tenner
December 1, 2019

Easy Exercises for Heart Health

easy exercises for heart health

We love statistics – we love seeing that number drop on the bathroom scale and we love crunching the minutes we spend exercising throughout the week. We love the math of how many calories it takes to lose a pound of fat, and we love finding the best deals for the best weight loss pills.

However, when we stumbled across this statistic, we knew that something had to be done:

According to WebMD, “Coronary artery disease causes roughly 1.2 million heart attacks each year, and more than forty percent of those suffering from a heart attack will die.”

The worst part about this statistic? It is preventable.

A little extra exercise and a few more vegetables could easily save your life by lowering your blood pressure and decreasing your BMI. To help you get started on the road to better heart health, we’ve found the top exercises getting your heart pumping and those blood vessels working at their peak.

Top 5 Exercises for Heart Health

1. Walking: It’s amazing that your own two feet can help you lose weight safely. It’s affordable, it’s fun, and it’s a great workout to fit into almost any schedule. You don’t have to be a professional runner to experience the weight loss benefits of this exercise either–20 minutes of walking every day can significantly reduce your risk for heart disease by working your muscles and boosting your heart rate. You can even adjust your speed to where you feel the most comfortable.

2. Stairs: Whether at home or on your way to the office, a good set of stairs is one of the best ways to increase your heart health. Aim to increase your heart rate to about 50-85% of your maximum heart rate (a “moderate” intensity). If you don’t know what your heart rate should be, then opt for the “talk test.” If you can carry on a light conversation, then you’ll well on your way to a healthy heart.

3. Biking: Whether you take your workout to the adventurous outdoors or opt for a quiet session at the gym, biking is one of the most popular methods for squeezing in a little extra cardio throughout the day. If your office is close to home, bike instead of driving. Form a neighborhood bicycling squad and team up for some heart-healthy exercise.

4. Swim: Unlike most sports and machines, swimming is a whole-body workout. You need your arms and legs constantly moving in order to make it across the pool and back. Two hours of swimming a week will give you all the cardio you need to decrease your risk of heart attack and stroke, and if you’re elderly, it’s easy on the joints.

5. Dancing: Feeling a little romantic? Or perhaps you just want to get your groove on. Whether you’re on your own and jamming to your favorite tunes or jiving with a partner and swinging all night long, dancing is a fun and rhythmic way to boost your heart rate and lower your BMI. If you’re looking for a challenge, try a Zumba class to get started.

Additional Suggestions

No matter how you look at the numbers, the best way to decrease your risk of heart attack is by regularly exercising, eating a healthy diet, and doing your best to stay slim and trim. Do you heart a favor by lowering your blood pressure and losing those extra pounds with the above activities, or feel free to be creative and find a sport you love that will boost your heart rate and get that blood pumping again.

Additionally, if you’re looking for a safe and natural way to trim down and stay heart healthy, then we recommend supplementing with a quality weight loss pill such as Apidextra. This formula contains clinically proven ingredients to help you burn more fat and lose more weight, taking your workouts to the next level without the extra risk. With the power of African Mango and caffeine anhydrous at its command, Apidextra may be just what you need to get your weight loss off to a great start. Buy Apidextra today and see the difference.

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