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Kimberly Tenner
November 28, 2019

Fat Loss Factor Review

Fat Loss Factor

Have you lost and regained the same 20 pounds? Most fad diets work—but only temporarily. Fat Loss Factor is supposed to be different. It’s a nutrition-based program designed to help you “quickly [get] a flat belly.” Once you learn a few “critical components,” Dr. Charles, the Fat Loss Factor creator, says you can make the program work long-term.

I was impressed with his confidence and the posted success stories. Yet I can’t help but be a little skeptical. Does Dr. Charles have the secret to weight loss success? Here’s what I found:

What is Included in the Program?

Fat Loss Factor is a 12 week nutrition and exercise program with two phases:

First phase: 2 week detox
Second phase: 10 week fat burn

When you purchase the program, the following items are included:

• Fat Loss Factor Program eBook
• Access to software programs
• Grocery lists and recipes
• Exercise videos
• Measurements form
• Goal setting guide
• Food diary and exercise log
• 1 year of personal email coaching with Dr. Charles Livingston

How is It Different?

Instead of using a weight loss supplement, the Fat Loss Factor program employs healthy lifestyle changes to help users reach their weight loss goals. A balanced, healthy diet and regular exercise are key components of this program.

Fat Loss Factor sets itself apart with its “unusual weight loss strategy.” The program focuses on liver cleansing since liver dysfunction plays a role in excess belly fat. Dr. Livingston claims emptying the liver of toxins can help increase the body’s ability to burn calories and fat.

Personal coaching (via email) is another aspect of this program that makes it unique. This allows users to customize the program for their needs and receive the motivation necessary for success.

Phase 1

The first part of Dr. Charles Livingston’s program is liver cleansing. During this phase he recommends eating healthy foods to eliminate harmful toxins and chemicals from the liver. A few recommended foods include garlic, grapefruit, green tea, leafy greens, apples, and walnuts.

The well-known Master Cleanse (lemon juice, cayenne pepper, maple syrup drink) is also a part of the first phase. However, there is no clinical evidence to suggest liver cleansing or the Master Cleanse is effective.

Phase 2

While the first phase can be difficult to follow, Phase 2 allows more foods to be included in your diet and is thus easier to maintain. It’s designed to quickly help you reach your weight loss goals. But it’s also supposed to set you up for continued success.

Since Dr. Charles wants you to purchase his program, he does not include all the information on the website. However, after a little digging I was able to learn the following about Fat Loss Factor.

Lean protein, low glycemic index carbohydrates, healthy fats, fruits, and vegetables are all a part of Phase 2. The following rules are also important to follow:

• Eat most calories early in the day
• Eat frequent, small meals
• Eat something raw (like fresh fruits or vegetables) at every meal
• Allow yourself a cheat day once a week
• Drink plenty of water

One thing that impresses me about the official Fat Loss Factor website is the extensive weight loss resources available. There are articles on everything from what to eat during the holidays to how to get a toned butt and thighs. Even if you don’t follow the program, many of these tips could be helpful.


Among the many positive benefits of the Fat Loss Factor program are:

• Created by a certified wellness practitioner, chiropractor and nutritionist
• Focused on nutrition and lifestyle changes rather than claiming a miracle fix
• Low price compared to other comprehensive programs
• Email coaching with the program’s creator
• The official site is informational and full of articles, tips, recipes, etc


There are some negative drawbacks of the Fat Loss Factor program, including:

• The site lacks in-depth info about the program
• First 2 weeks is a difficult-to-follow detox
• There’s nothing new and shocking-you can find most information on your own

Pricing and Guarantee

The program costs $47. The official site offers a 60 day money back guarantee, no questions asked. But some reviewers say they asked for a refund and never received responses. On, user Jan says, “I received no response from my emails requesting my money back and I sent a certified letter requesting my money back and it was returned to me unopened.”

Is Fat Loss Factor Worth Trying?

In conclusion, Fat Loss Factor is a good program for people who need to kick-start their weight loss and learn healthy eating and exercise habits. It would be a good starting point for someone who needs the extra push and wants the program materials all in one place.

In reality, there isn’t anything included in this program that you can’t find elsewhere. You can easily find lists of foods that are good for liver detoxing. There are plenty of [free] places to find detox tips, raw eating recipes, exercise trackers, food journals, and instructions for high intensity workouts online.

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