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Kimberly Tenner
November 29, 2019

FibreTrim Review


FibreTrim is one of the newest weight loss drinks to hit the UK, coming from the same company as Zotrim and using a blend they call “Zotrim” as their main ingredient. It provides a similar formula as the pill, but this time in a fruit flavored drink mix form that makes it easier to take and easier to use for a lot of dieters.

According to FibreTrim, it is a well-equipped alternative that you can easily take with you wherever you need to go during the day. It specifically helps to eliminate cravings between meals, reduces your intake of sweet and fatty foods, and the site gets pretty specific, saying that it reduces appetite and therefore food intake by 27%, all because of a blend called Zotrim.

Benefits of Zotrim

Zotrim is nothing more than a blend of guarana, damiana, and yerba mate. This simple blend of ingredients can be used to promote weight loss. It’s not exactly an appetite suppressant, actually it’s meant more to keep you from getting hungry again. It does nothing to help you to eat less during any one meal.

What About the Other Ingredients

FibreTrim’s other ingredients are healthy, and some would even say that inulin as a fiber can help you to feel more full if you drink enough of it. However, it does not have a specific appetite suppressing effect like glucomannan for example. There are reasons why FibreTrim uses both inulin and vitamin C. Even though these ingredients don’t necessarily promote weight loss, each is there for a reason.

Is FibreTrim Going to Cause Side Effects?

FibreTrim has ingredients that are completely caffeine free, and as far as we have heard, these ingredients are not generally known for causing side effects.


FibreTrim uses ingredients that have been used in the past for weight loss, and it uses combinations that seem to be effective based on ultrasounds and other tests that are more objective and steady than the average. FibreTrim only sells in the UK, and we do have our doubts about the fact that the study on the key Zotrim complex never did reveal the doses of each ingredient that they happened to use.

However, all in all, FibreTrim seems to have the right idea. It doesn’t reveal its doses either, but it’s possible that FibreTrim knows something that we don’t.

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