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Kimberly Tenner
November 30, 2019

Forza Waterflow Review

Forza Waterflow

Oedema is common among pregnant women and some other groups, and it is considered to be the excess buildup of water weight. Obviously, you would not want to take a diuretic if you are pregnant, as it may harm the baby and the idea behind a pregnancy is not to lose weight. But oedema is actually a potentially serious medical condition that you should talk to your doctor about.

Oedema is Not Common Among Adults

It is a temporary condition that is pretty common among pregnant women. But when you are not pregnant, it’s not that common at all, and it can indicate serious medical issues. So I cannot stress it enough. If you have oedema, which trust me, you can tell, you should consult your doctor!

Diuretics Are Not for Weight Loss

Diuretics work to promote fast weight loss. But that does not mean that you should use a diuretic. Diuretics typically interfere with future weight loss efforts, and diuretics like Forza Waterflow can cause potentially serious and nasty side effects. You should not be using any diuretic unless you have a pretty specific medical condition. Some have used it for congenital heart disease or high blood pressure, both of which are common enough. But other problems are less common.

Overall Impression of Forza Waterflow

If you like side effects, if you like feeling sick, having achy joints, and many other problems, then Forza Waterflow is probably the one for you. It’s ripe and primed to make that kind of difference. But if you want to lose weight and especially if you want to keep it off, you should probably stay away from diuretics and find something else.

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