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Kimberly Tenner
November 30, 2019

Fucothin Review


Fucothin is honest about the absence of stimulants in their products. You will not experience side effects often associated with high levels of caffeine, because there is none in fucothin. It also uses a simple formula, which I appreciate, because when companies start using too many ingredients(usually many with names only a small part of the population actually recognizes), they are trying to hide something. You can also find fucothin at most health stores in your neighborhood such as puritan’s pride, trader joe’s, harvest fresh, etc.

Visit the official site by clicking here, you can also find where to purchase it for as low as $32.99.

So who makes fucothin and what do we know about them? Garden of Life Inc is the company, headed by Jordan S. Rubin. If you have heard of them, it’s probably because they were charged with making “unsubstantiated claims” by the FTC. In other words, they lied about their products and got caught.

Now I know there’s at least one of you out there saying well maybe they changed their ways and fucothin is actually a gem. Sorry to disappoint you, but that is not the case. Fucothin’s “clinical trial” posted on the website was supposedly conducted on one of the ingredients, fucoxanthin, and not on the formula in its entirety. I also found no study conducted on the formula as a whole, nor did I find the study posted on the website anywhere but the fucothin website. Fucothin does not actually post the name of the company who supposedly conducted the trials. It posts the name of one Dr Ramzanov who supposedly studied rats and initiated the human trials, but not the names of the “highly reputable and independent third party research institute” used to study humans.

The final kick in the pants comes with the fact that in extensive searches done, there is no evidence that “Life Science Alliance” or “LSA”, a supposed “respected and independent consortium of scientific consultants who reviewed the two clinical studies together with the Japanese study ion rodents” even exists. In short, the studies are a crock. Studies and company history aside, what are we left with? We have a product which posts supposed ingredients without any quantity information, no money back or satisfaction guarantee, and uses ingredients not actually proven to promote weight loss.

Overall Impression of Fucothin:

While fucothin can be found quite easily online and in local health food stores for a fairly affordable price compared to some of its competition, it is not worth your money. The company has a history of being busted for lying, and yet they continue to lie and make unsubstantiated claims with fucothin. They reveal no quantities associated with their ingredients, and their ingredients are not proven to actually promote weight loss. In other words, Captain obvious says stay away from fucothin.

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