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Kimberly Tenner
November 29, 2019

Future Shape Appetite Reducer Review

Future Shape Appetite Reducer

Gaining mastery over your mid-day, midnight, and mid-morning munchies can help you to eat less and lose weight.

To help ease you into eating less, the makers of Future Shape Appetite Reducer have used natural ingredients to increase the amount of dietary fiber that goes into your system.

Dietary fiber is one of the main nutrients that help you to feel full and satisfied, thus discouraging you from eating more than your fair share.

Weighing this product with other appetite suppressants like Apidextra shows that it works with different ingredients to help curb appetite.

To see how Future Shape Appetite Reducer works and how safe it is, I looked into other reviews and studies online.


Unfortunately, I could not find too much information on the ingredients in Future Shape Appetite Reducer. However, the manufacturers do say that the patented combination of ingredients they have added are derived from the roots of the Konjac plant.

This plant is often used in diets because it is low in calories and very high in dietary fiber. By adding more dietary fiber to your diet, you can feel satiated and control your eating habits. It’s also hard to get the right kind of fiber, as some foods can be misleading.

Though this product is listed among the weight loss supplements, there are no ingredients specifically meant to actively burn fat or trigger weight loss.

For this reason, most who use it do so in conjunction with healthy diets and exercise in order to see weight loss results.

What I Like

• Since it only uses ingredients derived from plants, it is vegetarian friendly
• Has no known side effects
• Is drug free
• Easy to use. Manufacturers suggest taking two capsules with lunch and dinner every day
• Provides a nutrient that the body needs to function
• Has clinically studied ingredients

What I Don’t Like

• If you take the dinner dose too close to bedtime, you are more likely to feel restless and have trouble sleeping.
• There is not a clear explanation of all the ingredients in the product, which is a little suspicious
• There is no money back guarantee provided by the manufacturers
• Not as effective for weight loss as other types of products
• A little expensive (around $70) for a supplement with so few ingredients


Though the Future Shape Appetite Reducer could be helpful for giving you the control over your appetite that will help you to stick to your diet, it does lack a certain pizzazz.

I think that $70 is a little too much to pay for an appetite suppressant that has only one main ingredient, or at least only one ingredient that the manufacturers list, and is not as effective as other types of supplements that are similarly priced.

For example, Apidextra can be found for less and uses a more comprehensive list of ingredients to suppress appetite. If you would like to more actively support your weight loss efforts, it may be good to look to this supplement instead of the Appetite Reducer.

However, those that are looking for a supplement that is very safe and has more subtle effects than other types, the Future Shape Appetite Reducer may be worth considering.

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