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Kimberly Tenner
November 30, 2019

Future Shape Carb Blocker Review

Future Shape Carb Blocker

Future Shape is receiving a great deal of attention these days due to its well-balanced approach to lose weight, providing consumers with 4 different products to attack fat from all angles, the most popular of which is Future Shape Carb Blocker.

Future Shape Carb Blocker acts as both an appetite suppressant and fat blocker, supposedly helping you to control your cravings and lose more weight while enjoying the foods you love.

When compared to one of our top products Dieters Cheating Caps, Future Shape Carb Blocker looks to be more expensive, which could be a good thing if you’re getting your money’s worth, but can Future Shape Carb Blocker really help you lose weight?

The Good

Future Shape Carb Blocker does not contain any stimulants or harmful unproven chemicals in its formula. Instead, it features a single all-natural ingredient known as Glycolite that will help suppress your appetite safely and naturally.

Glycolite is essentially white kidney bean extract, which is proven in multiple clinical studies to be an effective ingredient for weight loss. When used correctly white kidney bean extract can inhibit the absorption of fats and starches, enabling these foods to pass through the digestive tract unabsorbed and undigested.

Consequently, with Future Shape Carb Blocker you should be able to eat a few unhealthy foods now and again without completely dumping your diet down the drain.

Future Shape Carb Blocker is made by one of the most reliable manufacturers in the industry, and it’s even backed by a 60-day guarantee, so you can try it for yourself. If you don’t like the results and if you’ve used the product correctly, you can simply return the empty bottle and receive a full refund.

The Bad

While Future Shape Blocker appears to have some potential as a weight loss ingredient, that potential is not as powerful or intense as serious dieters may have initially hoped.

White kidney bean extract will only inhibit about 25% of ingested starches and a fat, which means this formula might not be strong enough to help you lose weight if you’re struggling to maintain a proper diet.

Additionally, even though white kidney bean extract is typically considered safe for use, it is notorious for causing negative side effects in the digestive system, including cramping, bloating, and gas. These effects are typically mild and disappear within a few days.

The Price

Currently you can buy Future Shape Carb Blocker directly from alongside any of the other products in the Future Shape Line. It retails for around $79.80, but discounts are available if you order in bulk.

Considering that Future Shape Carb Blocker only focuses on a single ingredient (and a semi-effective one at that!), this formula may be too expensive to be worth the effort, especially when you can buy more balanced appetite suppressants for a fraction of the price.

The Verdict

Future Shape Carb Blocker has some potential for promoting weight loss and its ingredients are clinically sound, so if you’re already impressed with the Future Shape product line, then you might like this formula as well.

However, I feel that you shouldn’t have to pay 3 times the price in order to get the same results, which is why I recommend looking into Dieters Cheating Caps.

Dieters Cheating Caps is also an appetite suppressant and fat blocker, only it contains 3 clinically proven ingredients instead of just one. The best part about Dieters Cheating Caps is that it can be purchased for less than $25 a bottle through the official site, and it uses all-natural fibers to improve your digestive system and help curb your appetite.

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