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Kimberly Tenner
November 29, 2019

Future Shape Fat Burner Review

Future Shape Fat Burner

As fat burners have become more readily available on the market, they have developed different types of formulas and ingredients to get your metabolism going and burning more fat than ever before.

Future Shape Fat Burner is one of a line of products that tackle different aspects of weight loss in order to help create a comprehensive system to help you reach your fitness goals. However, I wondered whether Future Shape Fat Burner would also be effective on its own.

It is true that the Future Shape Fat Burner uses natural ingredients.

This is different than many of the leading weight loss supplements like Apidextra use in order to ensure a reduced appetite and boosted metabolism.

By using natural ingredients, the Fat Burner advertises that it will be safer than and just as effective as other more powerful types of fat burners.

Inside Future Shape Fat Burner

The main compound in Future Shape Fat Burner is Zenolite, which the manufacturers say “is a natural herbal compound used in weight loss supplements.”

I found that it contains extracts of Garcinia cambogia, Banada, Green Tea and Green Coffee. All of these ingredients have been clinically studied and linked to weight loss, which speaks well for the effectiveness of Future Shape Fat Burner.

However, I was surprised to find that there was no listing of the doses of each ingredient inside the Fat Burner, so it was impossible for me to see whether these good ingredients were added in adequate doses.

How to Use Future Shape Fat Burner

The manufacturers recommend taking two capsules with breakfast and lunch, though they advise against taking it with dinner. Since they add Green Tea and Green Coffee, it makes sense that those who are susceptible to stimulants would have a hard time getting to sleep if they took the Fat Burner with dinner.

Future Shape Fat Burner Safety

Apart from the general warnings for those under the age of 18, Future Shape Fat Burner has no reported side effects. This has been confirmed both with the manufacturers, who have added ingredients commonly found in food sources, as well as in double blind clinical studies.

I found that the manufacturers also recommend combining the Fat Burner with a fun workout routine in order to get the best benefits and stay safest.


Considering the safe and clinically proven ingredients in Future Shape Fat Burner, I would be tempted to recommend it. However, since the dosages of ingredients are not listed, I am skeptical about whether they are added in clinically proven amounts in the Fat Burner.

It may be more effective when paired with the other Future Shape products, but that can get very expensive and is not necessary as efficient as other types of fat burning products.

For example, Apidextra has clinically proven ingredients and lists the amounts of each. That gives more confidence in the effectiveness and worth of a product.

Though the manufacturers of Future Shape Fat Burner do give a 120 Money Back Guarantee, those who are looking for a more powerful and efficient weight loss system will probably do well to look elsewhere.

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