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Kimberly Tenner
December 4, 2019

G.A.T. Prolein Review Review

G.A.T. Prolein Review

Replacing fat with muscle is one of the best ways to lose weight. We can all agree that muscle looks so much better than fat anyways. G.A.T. Prolein was made with this idea in mind. The manufacturer believes that their formula will significantly boost muscle growth and help you keep unwanted fat weight off.

What is in G.A.T. Prolein?

Few weight loss products have as many powerful ingredients as G.A.T. Prolein does. It has 18 amino acids; papaya and gooseberry extracts; 320 mg of potassium per serving; and at least four different types of protein.

The ingredients can be divided into four different categories based on what they do:

1. Enhance Digestion
The papaya and gooseberry extracts are responsible for this function. On the label their patented names are Papain and Capros. Basically, they are supposed to help your body absorb nutrients faster so it can begin experiencing the benefits right away.

2. Build Muscle
This role is carried out by protein and amino acids. G.A.T. Prolein contains three types of whey protein and one type of milk protein. Protein is a one of the building blocks that your body uses to build muscle.

G.A.T. Prolein has L-Arginine, L-Glutamine, L-Tryptophan. Amino acids have several functions. For example, L-Arginine creates more nitric oxide in your blood. This gives your muscle more oxygen and significantly increases how fast they can grow. L-Glutamine prevents your muscles from breaking down after exercise or between meals. The more muscle you have the more likely they are to break down. L-Tryptophan is supposed to improve your physical performance.

3. Burn Fat
This category is closely related to the previous one. When your body’s ability to build muscle is enhanced, its ability to burn fat is also increased.

4. Repair Muscles
L-Arginine and L-Glutamine make this possible. The nitric oxide creating by L-Arginine helps your muscles receive more nutrients and oxygen-rich blood, which helps them regrow faster. It will cut down on soreness and recovery time. L-Glutamine stops the process of Catabolism, which is when your muscles start to break down.

Does G.A.T. Prolein Work?

Even great ingredients will not be effective, if a product does not have enough of them. G.A.T. Prolein has a highly-concentrated dose of ingredients that help you build muscle and burn fat. Each serving has 45 grams of protein and strong doses of amino acids too. G.A.T. Prolein may not have enough Papain and Capros. We have no way to be sure because the product label does not list amounts for these ingredients.

The information on G.A.T. Prolein seems to suggest that this product is effective. We were not able to confirm this with customer reviews because we could not find very many of them.

G.A.T. Prolein should be safe for everyone except those who cannot consume Phenylalanine.

Cost & Guarantee

The cost for one bottle of G.A.T. Prolein ranges from $24-$54.95. Most retailers do not offer a money-back guarantee; including the main retailer.

Educated Opinion

We think that G.A.T. Prolein is a good product and worth recommending. It should help most people experience weight loss and muscle gain. It should not be safe and not cause side effects. Most of the ingredients are high-quality but G.A.T. Prolein does have some preservatives and artificial flavoring. It can be found at an affordable price, but you cannot return the product for a refund.

G.A.T. Prolein Review Customer Reviews

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