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Kimberly Tenner
December 1, 2019

Go Cleanse Review

Go Cleanse

Have you tried fad diet cleanses before and gained the weight right back? Go Cleanse is supposed to be different because, according to the official site, they “teach people how to cleanse”. Rather than starving you, this nutrition-based cleanse is supposedly full of all the fat-burning nutrients your body needs.

A cleanse that teaches about proper nutrients and how to sustain weight loss sounds impressive, but I am skeptical. Does Go Cleanse actually teach proper, effective cleansing, or do its products do all the work?

Who Makes Go Cleanse?

Go Cleanse is produced by Isagenix, a multi-level marketing company that sells health supplements and personal care products. On the Isagenix site, Go Cleanse is also called the “9-Day Deep Cleansing and Fat-Burning System”.

Why Is It difficult to Find Information on Go Cleanse?

Isagenix does not directly sell products to the general public. Instead, the coaches sell the products. When you call with an inquiry or to make an order, you are assigned to a coach, who markets and sells the products to you.

The Program

When you order the Go Cleanse system, you receive supplements for the 9-day cleanse. You get protein shakes and a cleanse drink in either powder or liquid form. Protein-packed snacks, a super vitamin, grocery lists and recipe ideas are also included.

• Protein Supplement: IsaLean shakes come in vanilla or chocolate, and you can choose a canister or packets.
• Cleanse for LifeDrink: You choose whether you want the liquid or powder version of this drink.
• Isagenix Snacks!: The snacks included in Go Cleanse are vanilla or chocolate wafer snacks.
• Super Vitamin: Called the Natural Accelerator, this super vitamin is packed with healthy ingredients including: green tea extract, cayenne pepper, cinnamon bark, white willow bark, apple cider vinegar, yucca root, and other ingredients.

Go Cleanse Schedule

Days 1-2: IsaLean protein shake for breakfast, 400-600 calorie salad and vegetables for lunch, shake for dinner
Days 3-4: Cleanse for Life drink 4 times per day, protein snacks, super vitamin
Days 5-9: same as days 1-2
Days 10-11: same as days 3-4

What Makes It Different

A few things separate the Go Cleanse system from other cleanses.
The protein pasteurization process: The whey used in the Go Cleanse program comes from New Zealand. Here it undergoes a different pasteurization process than protein in other supplements. Isagenix protein is manufactured at a lower temperature, which allows for more amino acids and enzymes to be present in the protein.

Some of the extra enzymes are:

• Lactase: ideal for people who are lactose intolerant
• Protease: allows for easier absorption in cells
• Lucien: builds lean muscle mass
• Cysteine: breaks down toxins

The exclusive blends in the cleanse drink:Exact ingredient amounts are largely unknown in Go Cleanse products because they are part of an exclusive blend. The company does, however, list ingredients.

Fortunately many of them, like aloe vera, bilberry, raspberry, and blueberry are all healthy ingredients.
Since all berries are full of fiber, these ingredients suppress your appetite. Berries are also full of antioxidants and increase circulatory blood flow. Aloe vera acts as a light natural laxative and helps carry toxins out of the body.

Nutritional coaching at no extra cost: Because Go Cleanse is bought directly from an Isagenix coach, you receive nutritional cleansing coaching with your purchase. He or she will be in contact with you via phone or email.

Does It Work?

I have a friend who is an Isagenix coach, and she has seen real results. Between pregnancies, she did the Go Cleanse several times, and she lost her baby weight rapidly in just a few months. Before her second pregnancy, she was the smallest she has ever been. This friend may be biased because she is an Isagenix coach, but I have seen her results.

There are plenty of positive testimonials, but most of them are published on the official Isagenix or Go Cleanse sites, so they will be obviously biased.

Go Cleanse Pros

Some advantages of the Go Cleanse system are:

• Proven ingredients
• Healthy enzymes in the protein blend
• Nutritional coaching at no extra cost
• Positive testimonials

Go Cleanse Cons

There are some disadvantages to Go Cleanse, most of which deal with the lack of information on the official site.

• No manufacturer listed on official site
• No ingredient amounts listed
• No price listed
• You can’t buy directly from manufacturer
• Potentially biased testimonials


The official site has no price listed, but the Isagenix site lists the cleanse for about $180. This may seem pricey for protein and supplements, but with all the program includes the price seems more reasonable. You essentially get one-on-one communication with a personal trainer. You also get plenty of supplements for this price.

In Review

The official website provides inadequate information on the Go Cleanse. But once I learned that it was an Isagenix product, I was able to find everything I wanted to know. Because I personally know someone who has had success with Go Cleanse, I feel more confident recommending it.

It could be a good detox program for someone who wants to work with a personal nutrition coach.

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