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Kimberly Tenner
November 29, 2019

Hi-Tech Red Palm Oil Review

Hi-Tech Red Palm Oil

Red palm oil was recently promoted on the Dr. Oz Show as the latest miraculous super food. The show claimed it improves heart health, lowers cholesterol, and even reduces belly fat.

Now Hi-Tech is claiming Red Palm Oil enhances your metabolism and improves health.

Are these claims supported by science? Is Hi-Tech Red Palm Oil worth the investment? Read on to discover our unbiased opinion of Hi-Tech Red Palm Oil.

What Is Hi-Tech Red Palm Oil?

Hi-Tech Red Palm Oil is simply a pill version of red palm oil, which is typically used in cooking. Red palm oil is a vegetable oil derived from the reddish pulp of oil palms. Its dark red color comes from its carotene content.

Because of the suggested health benefits of red palm oil, Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals suggests that a supplement version could benefit consumers.

Hi-Tech Red Palm Oil Health Benefits

Let’s examine health claims about Hi-Tech Red Palm Oil, and red palm oil in general, to see if they are justified.

Improves Heart Health and Lowers Cholesterol

Hi-Tech Red Palm Oil shows some potential to improve heart health, but results are unproven.

Vitamin E in red palm oil prevents formation of blood clots and stops LDL cholesterol oxidation, so it’s often promoted as a way to lower heart disease risk, although studies haven’t found vitamin E consumption to prevent heart disease.

Heart benefits may also come from COQ10, a vitamin-like substance found in red palm oil. Although it produces energy for cell growth and functions as an antioxidant, there is no evidence it relieves heart failure symptoms.

Hi-Tech Red Palm Oil also contains phytosterols and glycolipids. Phytosterols are steroid compounds in plants that may lower cholesterol but aren’t shown to prevent cardiovascular disease. Glycolipids are lipids that provide energy to cells.

Hi-Tech Red Palm Oil may carry some benefits to cardiovascular health, but none of them are definitely proven. For rats, red palm oil did improve tolerance to obstructed blood supply to the heart, [1] but results in humans are undetermined.

Improves Metabolism and Reduces Belly Fat

Weight loss benefits of healthy oils such as red palm oil are widely proclaimed, but not definitely proven by science.

Hi-Tech Red Palm Oil contains 50% unsaturated fat, which lowers insulin resistance and thus improves metabolism and weight management. While unsaturated fat in red palm oil could support a healthy weight, it’s not shown to directly affect weight loss.

Hi-Tech Red Palm Oil Environmental Dangers

Hi-Tech Red Palm Oil shouldn’t damage health in any way. Unfortunately, it could indirectly damage the environment.

The Rainforest Action Network and the Orangutan Outreach have raised awareness against Dr. Oz’s promotion of palm oil. The demand for palm oil, they say, could lead to the demise of more tropical rainforests that are the home of many species.

Is Hi-Tech a Reliable Company?

Hi-Tech Red Palm Oil is one of the only pill versions of red palm oil available. Hi-Tech has a wide variety of health supplements on the market. Their products have decent ratings, but none is a stand-out in the supplement industry.

Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals is, fortunately, a good company to work with. They have an A+ rating by the Better Business Bureau because they have been running for 20 years and have resolved all complaints against the business.

Hi-Tech Red Palm Oil Pricing

Hi-Tech Red Palm Oil is not available on the Hi-Tech website. You can find it for the following prices:
• $19.99 at
• $18.99 at
• $21.99 at

This is a reasonable price for a health supplement, but is about the same price as a bottle of red palm oil online.

Should You Buy Hi-Tech Red Palm Oil?

The directions say to take 1 to 3 capsules a day, preferably one with each meal, as a healthy source of antioxidants and to support metabolism. This should provide you with 1500 mg of red palm oil extract a day.

There’s no evidence that you need this much red palm oil each day. While red palm oil is a healthy oil, other healthy oils come with similar benefits. In fact, most of the claims about red palm oil are not scientifically proven.

In addition, there is no evidence that taking a red palm oil supplement such as Hi-Tech Red Palm Oil will benefit your health. You may want to cook with red palm oil, but don’t waste your money on Hi-Tech Red Palm Oil.


[1] Esterhuyse JS; van Rooyen J; Strijdom H; Bester D; duToit EF. “Proposed mechanisms for red palm oil induced cardioprotection in a model of hyperlipidaemia in the rat.” Prostaglandins Leukot Essent Fatty Acids. 2006; 75 (6): 375-84. Available from:

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