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Kimberly Tenner
November 29, 2019

Hi5 Astraslim Review

Hi5 Astraslim

Meal replacement shakes are an easy way to cut back calories. You just drink it and go. No hassle. No fuss.

Hi5 Astraslim is a low-calorie shake containing a wide variety of health promoting ingredients to keep you going strong and help you reach your weight loss goals. Just one component of a five-part system designed to suppress your appetite, cleanse your colon, and boost your metabolism, Astraslim contains the necessary vitamins, minerals, and protein you need while trying to lose those extra pounds.

Is it Safe?

Unless you’re allergic to one of the low-calorie ingredients, Astraslim is safe for use. No negative side-effects have been reported, and in, fact, you can find 15 amino acids that are essential for a healthy lifestyle.

Amino Acids found in Astraslim

Alanine-an amino acid that promotes lean muscle mass
Arginine-an amino acid that promotes lean muscle mass
Aspartic Acid-an amino acid that promotes lean muscle mass
Cysteine-an amino acid that is found in proteins throughout the body
Glutamic-an amino acid that is promotes learning and memory
Acid Glycine-an amino acid that aids in the creation of muscle tissue
Histidine-an amino acid that is needed for the manufacture of red and white blood cells
Isoleucine-an amino acid that aids in lipid metabolism
Leucine-an amino acid that aids in lipid metabolism
Lysine-an amino acid that is a building block for protein
Methionine-an amino acid that aids in the breakdown of fat
Prolile-an amino acid that improves skin texture and strengthens joints
Tryptophan-an amino acid that alleviates stress and anxiety
Tyrosine-an amino acid regulates metabolism
Valine-an amino acid essential for tissue repair

Multi-Level Marketing

Surprisingly, Astraslim has a multi-level marketing opportunity that can help you pay for your Hi5 products. As your friends and family sign up for the auto-ship program, you can receive additional rewards for your efforts. As they in turn sign for additional members to the program, a residual percent their auto-ship dues will be awarded to you.

Multi-level Marketing programs have the potential to make millions, but on the other hand, it often comes at the cost of personal relationships. Invest with caution.


Judging from the ingredients, Astraslim has an excellent formula for promoting good health. This meal replacement shake has the potential to help you cut back calories and lose more weight. However, as weight loss shake, Astraslim lacks the fat burners and appetite suppressors needed to boost your metabolism and trigger weight loss. Because it is just one component of a five-part system, Astraslim alone is an ineffective product.

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