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Kimberly Tenner
November 29, 2019

Hi5 Precision Review

At one time, Hi5 Precision was one of the bigger MLM products, or at least part of one of the bigger MLM lines. The idea is that you pay something like $100-$200, you get a kit each month (made up of 5 products), and then you sell to your friends. You tell your friends and yourself that the Hi5 system is more comprehensive and Hi5 Precision is a powerful appetite suppressant.

Hi5 Precision as an Appetite Suppressant

All you need is a clinically proven appetite suppressant (hopefully more than one), and Hi5 Precision is based on 5 ingredients. You should have more than enough ingredients to get at least one appetite suppressant, right?

Wrong. The only weight loss ingredient in Hi5 Precision is green tea. We’re not saying that this is necessarily a bad thing. Green tea is one of the most extensively studied weight loss ingredients you can find, and this particular ancient Chinese remedy has been proven as a fat burner and a healthy antioxidant (it kills off free radicals).

However, it makes you wonder what Hi5 Precision could possibly know about weight loss if makers clearly don’t understand what green tea does. Hi5 Precision would have to be the only “clinically proven” appetite suppressant in the world that doesn’t have a single appetite suppressant! Still, mistaken identity or not, maybe Hi5 Precision can still help you to lose weight.

Hi5 Precision as a Weight Loss Supplement

As we mentioned above, Hi5 Precision is based on green tea, and unless you have been living in a cave for the past 10 or even 15 years, you probably know all about green tea, what it is, what it does, and where it comes from. What you may not know is why so many green tea products fail.

The downfall of most green tea diet pills (which could include Hi5 Precision) is that those diet pills do not use the amounts of green tea actually used in positive human clinical trials. Yes, the company saves money, but what’s the point of paying even a small amount for a diet pill that doesn’t work? This applies to Hi5 Precision because Hi5 Precision does not tell you how much green tea it uses.

We could debate this all day, but at best, it means that you are taking a risk. You may or may not get an effective diet pill.

Why Do People Buy Hi5 Precision?

We’re not sure that anybody does anymore. Hi5 Precision seems to have basically disappeared. However, when it did have a well-established site, Hi5 Precision was sold as part of an expensive 5 piece kit that appealed to the consumer’s desire to make a little extra cash (through MLM marketing), even if that means paying a monthly fee.

We have seen some positive reviews, because we can definitively say that Hi5 Precision does have healthy antioxidants found in both green tea and dark chocolate, ingredients that can fight off free radicals that might hurt the body. There are some who report higher energy levels and weight loss, which is plausible because of the presence of green tea.

However, based on the fact that Hi5 Precision is so unsure (it only has one weight loss ingredient in an undisclosed amount), we would like to hear from you. Your review, good or bad, could give dieters like yourself an idea of what Hi5 Precision is really like and if you should use it. So please feel free to leave your reviews and feedback below.

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