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Kimberly Tenner
December 3, 2019

Hoodia Spray Review

Hoodia Spray

Acting as a natural appetite suppressant, Hoodia Spray is a simple spray designed to be taken under the tongue 2-3 times a day.

It is tasteless, and it can be easily found on Amazon and other small auction sites, offering a sublingual spray as an alternative to pills. Hoodia Spray doesn’t require dieters to swallow 8oz of water, and it can be taken even late at night, because it is described as being stimulant free.

Yet is it as effective as other leading appetite suppressants on the market?

Is Hoodia Spray Stimulant-Free & Safe?

Hoodia Spray uses a formula that only lists one ingredient: hoodia. This ingredient does not have caffeine, and it has never been a stimulant. So based on the listed ingredient, it would be safe to assume that Hoodia Spray is most likely stimulant-free.

Hoodia does have the potential to cause dry mouth and liver problems when used incorrectly, but Hoodia spray uses such a small dose that side effects should be kept to a minimum.

Is Hoodia Spray Effective?

As mentioned above, Hoodia Spray uses only one ingredient according to the description. While there are some who have tried to prove hoodia as an appetite suppressant, nobody has ever proven hoodia as a weight loss supplement or anything else. All of the studies have shown that hoodia has no benefits that we know of so far.

Of course, Hoodia Spray could have other ingredients that it’s just not listing. It’s possible that Hoodia Spray has other ingredients that have been clinically proven or researchers just haven’t used the right techniques to study hoodia. However, there is one other issue.

Every study on appetite suppressants that we know of uses specific amounts of each ingredient. However, Hoodia Spray uses a spray, which may limit the amounts of any ingredient in the mix. More specifically, it may be impossible for Hoodia Spray to use the clinically proven amounts of whatever ingredients it happens to use.

Product Price

Hoodia Spray can easily be purchased on various online sites such as for around $35 for a small 60mL, making it an extremely pricey for such a small bottle. Currently there is no money-back guarantee associated with this product, so if it doesn’t work for you, you’ll be out of luck (and out of money).


Hoodia Spray uses a spray that supposedly has hoodia. However, we have our doubts about the spray, and we have not seen any studies that suggest that hoodia can actually help you to eliminate excess weight. Of course, there could be something we are missing, and future studies may show different benefits or lack thereof. For now though, we can only base our review on the information we have in front of us including the listed ingredients, the studies, etc.

While you may see results with hoodia and may be able to use it as an appetite suppressant, we feel that there are more effective products available that are both backed by a guarantee and offer clinically proven ingredients in clinically proven concentrations that you can see up front. Before buying Hoodia Spray, you may want to check out our top products first.

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