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Kimberly Tenner
November 29, 2019

Hoodiavex Review


Selling only on ebay means you are almost guaranteed to find an affordable price on hoodiavex. It claims to retail for $79.95, but sells on ebay for as low as $13.95. They also offer a lifetime money back guarantee. On ebay, they post quite a bit of feedback attesting to the veracity of the product. They also use a formula, which seems eerily similar to the 10 super foods recently popularized by Oprah. Those 10 superfoods have been used across the country in different formulas designed to cure acne and support weight loss. One of those is green tea, which in the right amounts, has been shown to promote weight loss and a faster rate of metabolism. Red wine extract has been shown to promote heart health, and other such as blueberry extract have been used as common diuretics.

While the sellers of hoodiavex claim their product retails for $79.95, I would be surprised to find anybody who would actually buy it for that amount of money. There are no ingredients in the mix that make me think its worth more than the $13.95 you can buy it for on ebay. Even if I did think there was a great ingredient, that thought would be tempered by the fact that they use a proprietary blend, which means we don’t know how much they use of each ingredient. It also means they probably use quite a few fillers, and nobody knows for sure except for the manufacturers. Finally, they profess to use hoodia gordonii. But the fact is that hoodia gordonii is sold 100,000 times more than it is actually harvested, making the real thing relatively rare. Those who do have the real thing are sure, for good reason, to post proof of their certification so everybody knows they are one of the few.

Overall Impression of Hoodiavex:

Hoodiavex has some decent ingredients, but not nearly enough of them. It also claims to use hoodia, but has no proof that it’s the real thing. Moreover, if it were, they wouldn’t be selling their product essentially for fourteen bucks anywhere. They use customer testimonials from ebay, and they may or may not actually work. Either way, I wouldn’t pay more than the $13.95 ebay price for it.

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