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Kimberly Tenner
November 29, 2019

House of Muscle Herbal Fire Review

House of Muscle Herbal Fire

Even women don’t want to lose weight and look flabby, we call it the “skinny fat.” You may be small, but you still have fat deposits, you feel soft, and maybe you even jiggle a little bit. That’s why House of Muscle Herbal Fire specifically promises to burn fat AND build lean muscle at the same time. You don’t have to be bulky to have muscle, but muscle is essential if you want to be more defined.

If you stick with the concepts provided by HoM Herbal Fire, then you might be able to get longer lasting and better looking weight loss. The process also involves some work from you, meaning you have to sweat it out with cardio and lift weights! The question is just whether or not House of Muscle Herbal Fire is up to the task.

Fat Burning for Efficient Weight Loss

The first thing we look for in any weight loss supplement is fat burners or something else that would directly contribute to obvious weight loss. In this case, we look for fat burners. House of Muscle Herbal Fire uses a few obvious choices such as caffeine anhydrous, evodiamine, and green tea extract.

By old and standard definitions, these ingredients don’t sound particularly exciting. Green tea is defined as Tea that is made from unfermented leaves and is pale in color and slightly bitter in flavor. Many other teas are defined the same way. However, if you look at the research, some of which has only recently emerged, we find out that ingredients like green tea fill a necessary spot when it comes to creating a valid and effective fat burner.

Lean Muscle Building & House of Muscle Herbal Fire

Once you get past all of the stereotypes and misconceptions about muscle being bulky and only for men, you find out just how essential lean muscle mass is to real and lasting weight loss. If you want to really lose weight, you need muscle. Obviously, since House of Muscle Herbal Fire is not made exclusively for men, testosterone boosters are not appropriate choices, but there are other options.

House of Muscle Herbal Fire uses a blend that includes an ingredient called guggul. On its own, this ingredient can be used to lean muscle mass and support existing lean muscle mass, which actually increases metabolic levels. However, House of Muscle Herbal Fire only has this one ingredient that supposedly does all of the work on its own. No matter how power you think something is, you should always have at least 2 separate ingredients to support each other.

Is House of Muscle Herbal Fire Powerful Enough to Burn More Fat?

House of Muscle Herbal Fire uses ingredients that could logically help you to lose more weight, and this formula focuses on 2 important approaches to healthy weight loss. However, House of Muscle Herbal Fire’s word doesn’t necessarily mean that you can just relax and assume that this product is up to par.

House of Muscle Herbal Fire has a few ingredients that stand out as weight loss ingredients. However, this formula also has quite a few ingredients that specifically do not promote weight loss. Take hoodia and cha de bugre for example, both of these ingredients have no clinically proven weight loss benefits.

Combined with the fact that House of Muscle Herbal Fire does not use the clinically proven amounts of the clinically proven weight loss ingredients we do see, House of Muscle Herbal Fire is not actually what we would consider to be a great weight loss supplement of any kind. The way we see it, you buy at your own peril.

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