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Kimberly Tenner
November 29, 2019


IdealBoost is a powerful diet drink created by Idealshape designed as a powerful alternative to diet pills. It might be the right diet product for you if you are not a fan of taking capsules or pills.

While IdealShape’s claim to fame have been their protein products, this is another one of the products designed for health and slimming.

Ingredients & Mechanism of Action

IdealBoost is a weight loss drink low on calories that is designed to help you feel fuller and boost energy levels while only containing 5 calories with 0 sugar.

The ingredients include sodium, vitamin B3, B6, B12, niacin, soluble fiber, slendesta, green tea, raspberry ketones, green coffee bean, and caffeine.

It also contains dietary and soluble fiber – known for helping with digestive systems.

Energy Boost Blend

IdealBoost contains an energy blend including Caffeine, green tea, and green coffee bean working to stimulate your body with energy with caffeine. It also has a vitamin B complex.

How to Take IdealBoost

The directions are as follows: By putting the packet of IdealBoost into 16oz of water. Dissolve the powder into the drink and drink to boost up your diet!


IdealBoost overall is an impressive weight loss drink great for people who are interested in a natural and safe formula while not interested in capsules or pills. It really does make this product easy to take and contains weight loss ingredients that are fairly well known. While it does contain stimulants, those who are highly sensitive to caffeine please beware, but it is a good product that we recommend as an alternative to diet pills.

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