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November 29, 2019

Inner Armour Blue Green Tea Elite Review

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The UK-based supplement company Inner Armour has released a new product line called Inner Armour Blue. This line features a green tea weight loss supplement called Green Tea Elite.

Green Tea Elite is advertised to “reduce excessive hunger cravings and decrease overall body fat percentage.” Advertisements also suggest the green tea content is useful for fighting cancer and lowering cholesterol.

Green tea has been recognized for its health benefits for centuries. However, I wanted to challenge the claims made by advertisements, so I researched the weight-loss capabilities of green tea.

The Power of Green Tea

Green Tea Elite contains 500 mg green tea per serving (1 capsule). It relies on this ingredient alone to deliver fat burning results.

Green Tea stimulates weight loss by inducing thermogenesis. Scientists hypothesize this effect is attributed to norepinephrine degradation which prolongs thermogenic stimulation.[1]

The caffeine content in green tea is often used to improve mental alertness and focus. Green tea also has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.[2]

There is scientific research to suggest the polyphenols contained in green tea are useful for fighting several kinds of cancer, including breast, prostate, colon, lung, and skin cancers.[2][3]

A study conducted in China dosed obese patients with 573 mg green tea. This dose was successful in reducing total body weight by 6.4-7.5%. Green Tea Elite contains an adequate dose to provide similar results.[4]

Side Effects of Green Tea

Green tea is safe for most people without any resulting side effects. In rare cases, green tea has been reported to cause stomach upset, constipation, nausea, tremors, and trouble sleeping.[5] The most severe cases have reported liver damage.[2]

Most of green tea’s symptoms stem from its caffeine consumption. Experts advise people with caffeine sensitivity to limit green tea use. Caffeine worsens certain conditions such as anxiety, bleeding, and heart disorders. Caffeine is known to be fatal at doses of 10-14 g.[2] Fortunately, Green Tea Elite contains a safe amount.

How to Use Green Tea Elite provides specific guidelines for using this product correctly.

Take 1 capsule per dose, 1-2 times daily. Since this product contains some caffeine, it is best to avoid taking Green Tea Elite immediately before going to bed.

Do not exceed 2 capsules per day to prevent risk of toxicity.

Customer Feedback

Green Tea Elite hasn’t been released to the public long enough for customer reviews to be created. However, I am curious to know how customers respond to this product. If you locate a good review or have experience using Green Tea Elite, please leave a comment below.

How to Buy Green Tea Elite

Green Tea Elite can be bought directly from the company at for $14.73. This company provides product returns and refunds as long as the package has been opened within 45 days. To schedule a product return, call (860) 656-7720.

The only other online retailer I found was, which sells it for $14.99. Many major retailers such as are planning to offer this product in the near future.

Is Green Tea Elite Worth The Money?

This product contains only one natural ingredient and does not pose a high risk of side effects. Green tea is scientifically proven to promote thermogenic weight loss while offering a variety of other health benefits. This product contains an appropriate dose high enough to deliver effects while still falling in a safe range.

Considering the affordable price tag, Green Tea Elite is worth trying. If you are interested in weight loss, or just want an energy boost during the day, this product may give you results.


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