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Kimberly Tenner
November 29, 2019

Innervital Hoodia 3000 Review

Innervital Hoodia 3000

Ever wonder if all of the media reports are correct? Have you ever wondered whether products are actually citing real media reports? After all, hundreds of acai based products had to change their advertising, because Dr. Perricone and Oprah sued them for falsely used their names in connection with various weight loss and health related claims. Why would something like Innervital Hoodia 3000 be any different?

Okay, we’ve seen some that pan out. For example, we are big fans of African Mango, which has been clinically proven in a number of big clinical studies, and we can see why a product like Innervital Hoodia 3000 might sound exciting, but we are basing our decision on the individual merits of a given product.

Is Innervital Hoodia 3000 Equipped to Suppress Appetite?

There are two major things that make people wonder. First of all, there is the fact that hoodia has never actually been clinically proven to suppress appetite. It’s not that there are not studies, there are actually plenty of studies out there. The problem is that every one of those studies has shown that hoodia does not actually suppress appetite. Actually, all of these studies so far have shown that hoodia does not have any known benefits, but it goes beyond that.

Accoridng to CBS and BBC, Phytofarm spent millions of dollars testing hoodia and its effects on subjects who were eating 1000 calories or less per day. While Phytofarm did supposedly have the real thing, the BBC has stated that the most popular diet pills in the United States supposedly based on hoodia do not actually have any measurable or discernible hoodia. Even if Phytofarm had succeeded, you can be pretty sure that you are not getting the real thing, let alone in such a high amount.

What Does This Mean for Innervital Hoodia 3000?

Innervital Hoodia 3000 makes big promises, but realistically, the only ingredient it has listed is hoodia. Therefore, logically speaking, and we’re just stating an opinion here, we don’t see how Innervital Hoodia 3000 could possibly promise clinically proven weight loss results. Its entire formula is predicated on one ingredient, and that one ingredient has been clinically proven to have no known weight loss effects. We think the message is pretty clear.

Is Innervital Hoodia 3000 Safe?

On the bright side, we don’t know of any side effects associated with hoodia, and the BBC did not report any common side effects associated with the substances they did find in popular hoodia based appetite suppressants. There is always the possibility of problems, especially if you have certain medical conditions. So you should be careful, but we don’t foresee any major issues.

Is There a Guarantee?

Based on what we’ve seen on their site, Innervital Hoodia 3000 offers a 30 day money back guarantee on unopened bottles that can be resold. We don’t think of that as much of a guarantee.

Is Innervital Hoodia 3000 Worth Buying?

We consider the fact that Innervital Hoodia 3000 is probably safe to be a bright spot. However, we see the fact that Innervital Hoodia 3000 does not have any listed and clinically proven ingredients to be a downside in the grand scheme of things, and we do consider it to be a deal breaker.

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